5 Amazing Tips on How to Avoid Gaining 5 Pounds this Holiday Season

By on 12/21/2015
5 pounds

Some individuals love the fact that the festive season offers so many opportunities for socializing where food is involved. Then there are many others that just dread the thought because they know they are going to end up gaining at least 5 pounds as a result of it. There are a few “need to know” tips that can help you avoid this. When you combine these tips along with some extra fat burning resources like Supera Diet Complete, then you are implementing some great steps to help avoid those extra pounds of fat.

Plan ahead:

Most likely you are aware of the day and time of the social event. This means with some proper planning you can eat prior to the event so you are not hungry. While you will not want to be unsociable by refusing food you can eat a light healthy snack prior to this which will help you refrain from over eating.

Watch what you drink:

The beverages that are being served at many of these functions can be just as fattening as the food is. Try to stay away from the soft drinks and alcoholic beverages that are mixed with these. Just prior to eating have a glass of water which may help to reduce the amount you are tempted to eat.

Make your food choices carefully:

Most often these social events offer a good selection of foods. Before loading up you plate review first what is available to you. So if there are choices like pasta and salad then start filling your plate with the salad first leaving less room for the pasta. Most people don’t like to overload their plates in a social gathering so by topping your plate mostly with salad it will help you to refrain from taking too much of the other more fattening offerings.

These three tips focus around the social events that you are attending, but what about the ones that you are hosting? The same tips apply with a few additional ones.

Plan a healthy weight conscious food selection:

In this case you are in control of the menu so you can serve your needs of keeping your weight down while at the same time offering some delectable choices to your guests. It may mean that you need to do a little more research as to the healthier leaner types of foods that you can make, as well as more time in preparation but it will be worth it.

Don’t nibble:

When preparing for a party it is really difficult not to nibble during the different food preparations. The excuse usually is that you want to make sure the food tastes good. Try not to fall into this trap because you will end up consuming way more calories during the day then you intended to.

While these are five great but simple tips there are still a few more measures that you can put in place to help prevent those extra five pounds of weight gain.

One of these is to make sure you stay active after you have eaten. If it’s a social event you are at then instead of remaining in your chair after eating at least get up and walk around and socialize, so you can help with the digestion.

The ultimate tip:

As much as these tips will help you can really ensure that you are prepared for a fat burning fight by incorporating Supera Complete into your diet. This is a supplement that you take each day that is comprised of all of the major fat burning ingredients that have been shown to help reduce fat and prevent it. It is formulated so it helps to increase your metabolism, lighten your mood and helps in stress reduction. Not only are these three very useful aids to help you with your weight control through the festive season, but when used as directed can help you year round to achieve the impressive look and feel that you are wanting.

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