5 Signs You’re Aging too FAST!

By on 10/28/2016

aging too fastWhat is the one thing worse than aging? Aging too fast!

In no particular order, and based mostly on genetics, lifestyle, and environment, we start to notice changes: wrinkles, grey hairs, weight gain, sore joints, less strength, tiredness and so much more… but what if you start to notice those wrinkles or aches and pains far sooner than expected?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle pill to prevent eventual aging. However, there is such a thing as aging too fast!

How do you know if you are aging too fast?

  1. You live a stressful life or have a stressful job. We humans were not meant to live the type of stressful lives that many of us do today. As a result, society is suffering a crisis of sorts – we are overworked, exhausted, anxious, nervous, worried and checked out. Stress causes our hormones to become unbalanced, increases our risks for many diseases, causes weight gain and makes us unhappy. So what do we do? We watch TV to relax which kills our mind and contributes to memory loss, confusion and possibly even early onset Alzheimer disease. Do what you can to de-stress daily. Meditate, journal, go for a walk, get a pet…. anything but TV or other mindless entertainment. Just look what stress did to Obama!Stress agining body
  2.  You don’t protect your skin or take advantage of the anti-aging supplements out there that do help rewind the clock. Without proper hydration, sun protection, and proven supplementation – your skin will literally start to sag. Pollution in the air, sun damage, and lack of supplemental support for skin health leads to skin that prematurely wrinkles, sags and becomes dull and spotty.
  3. You don’t exercise. Exercise helps relieve stress, which as you know from point #1, ages you quickly. Exercise also helps your body stay tight and strong. As you age, things… sag. Muscle mass also decreases at a faster rate and becomes harder to maintain. Weight gain becomes easier, and heart health becomes far more worrisome if you are not exercising regularly.
  4. You aren’t eating right. If you don’t give your body clean, healthy foods how can it fully function without breaking down? It won’t, and it will indeed start to break down. Signs include weight gain, stiffness, exhaustion, red eyes signalling inflammation, digestive troubles, and trouble sleeping.
  5. You smoke. Seriously… let’s just be real. By now we all know smoking greatly reduces your life expectancy. It ages you inside and out, and at a very alarming rate! CUT IT OUT NOW, and you will be shocked at how your body can bounce back!smoking ages you

What is every woman’s nightmare? Looking like the oldest one in the group!

If you fit that description, fret not! Chances are your friends are all fighting back the signs of aging as well, but just not telling you! Some may get a secret lift, nip or tuck, while others may be taking highly-effective anti-aging supplements in secret! We all have to fight the good fight when it comes to aging, so anyone who says they do nothing to look young for their age is simply lying!

Here is the bottom line: If you don’t take care of yourself, you will age at a much quicker rate… needlessly too, since so many signs of aging can be held off for such a long time with just a little bit of effort!


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