About Anna

Hi, Im Anna.

Anna Lorax

Oh, more details? Ok…

I am a wife, a mother to an awesome(ly insane) 2 year old dude, a part time Realtor and somewhat of a rambler (brace yourself, run on sentences are coming). I sometimes dive deep into my serious thoughts and feelings and share my bigger, scarier questions about life. Often though, I am just sarcastic, goofy and doing my best to accept life and laugh along with the absurdity.

I am kind of a nerd, introverted, definitely a tomboy. I used to love Crossfit, but then I hurt my back. Bad. I’ve been in and out of different doctor offices for over a year now. I also have congenital vision problems that cause me to walk into things. Often. It’s OK to laugh. It’s pretty hilarious. These two issues alone have sent me in an out of endless medical offices, procedures (successful and blunders), follow ups, prescriptions, contradictions and OMG MAKE IT STOP mental break downs.  Add to this a pregnancy ending in an emergency C-section, and then the onslaught of a new baby and the parenting road that goes 10,000 different directions at once. All of these things have caused me to step back and look at the chaos of “wellness” today. That was the main inspiration for the blog. But also, I like to over-share as well, so that will not be all this project is about. Unfortunately, it will also have a lot of me and my silly life mixed in.

My family and I live in South Florida and I will do my best to not complain about the miserable heat and terrible drivers. I will, however, make it a point to rub in the fact that I get to go to the beach every weekend.


Sebs Beach

This blog is my new project. An experiment if you will. I am simply wondering if I can make friends with the internet.

The internet is a large sample base. It’s simple science. Maybe this way I will find more answers to the big and little questions that float in my head, and have some awesome conversations along the way. Thus, Modern Health Project has been born.