Achoo! Spring Allergies Bothering You? Bees Can Help!

By on 04/16/2018

seasonal allergiesSpring is finally starting to appear and wow is it a beautiful sight! Green grass, fresh tree leaves and so many beautiful flowers and..aah.. ahhh… ACHOO!

Oh yes… spring allergies! How could we forget?

Its a rather unfortunate fact that along with the beautiful blooms of spring comes terrible allergies for over 50 million Americans each year, which fuels a massive over the counter and prescription allergy medication industry.

Let’s be honest, no matter how health conscious, holistic and natural you are… when suffering from itchy, watery eyes, head congestion, runny nose, sore scratchy throat, headaches and more sneezes in an hour than you can count… well you’re most likely going to run for the pharmacy and buy whatever it takes to relieve those symptoms, no matter the risks or side effects!

However, what if we told you that you can safely and naturally reduce, if not eliminate your seasonal allergies?

“Bee” happy, because you can! All thanks to bees!

How Can Bees Help Your Seasonal Allergies?

As you probably know, seasonal allergies are caused by the many types of pollen from all the local plants in bloom. As you also probably well know, bees are the great pollinators and you can actually find traces of local pollen in their honey! Just enough pollen content to expose your body without getting an allergic reaction, in fact!

bee butt pollen

As a result, similar to exposure therapy for other allergies, if you ingest local, unpasteurized honey, you are exposing your body to all of the local pollen in your area. This allows your body to slowly adapt to the local allergens and build up an immunity to the pollen that is plaguing you.

Simply taking 1-2 tablespoons of delicious local raw honey a day can reduce the severity of your seasonal reactions in just a few weeks… and over time it could almost fully eliminate it.

Since honey is also used to soothe a sore throat and ease a cough, this really is a natural no-brainer!

But wait, there’s more! What about bee pollen?

After bees collect their pollen they bring it back to the nest and put it in their honeycombs to serve as food for the colony. However, this bee pollen turns out to be a wonderful super-food for humans too! Beyond a long list of nutritional benefits, bee pollen also exposes you to local pollen just as honey does. Even more, it has been shown to have an anti-allergic action by preventing the development of mast cells. Mast cells play an important role in both the onset and late stages of allergic reactions. bee pollen allergies

That’s it! Desensitize your body to your local pollen and naturally reduce mast cells and voila… you will have little to no more seasonal allergy troubles!

You can get local honey and bee pollen from area beekeepers or your local natural health store. Be sure they are locally sourced and free of pasteurization or exposure to pesticides. In just a few weeks you can start to have real, long-lasting allergy relief, naturally!

And since bees are currently in short supply, you may even want to thank them by planting your very own bee garden (Which you will no longer be allergic to!).


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