Avoid Summer Vacation Bloat by Supporting Healthy Digestion

By on 07/21/2016

digestive bloatingIt’s summer and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun and vacation relaxation!

Whether it be a road trip with your best friends, a long weekend at the beach, two weeks on a tropical island, camping in a national forest, visiting national monuments or just finally getting to see some far away family, one thing rings true for all vacations: digestive troubles and bloat!

…and who the heck wants to deal with bloat while also trying to rock their summer body in the perfect bikini? Even if you’re off hiking a mountain and wearing nothing cute at all… you still don’t want to struggle with your digestion and feel bloated, right?

Have you ever noticed when you leave home for more than a few days one of two things happens: you either find yourself rather…”stuck”, or you find yourself having to run off to the restroom far too often, if you catch our drift. Well, the good news is you are not along and this is actually quite common!

Why does our digestive system revolt when we travel?

A vast majority of people experience noticeable upset with their digestion when they travel. This is quite simply due to a complete change in routine.

You are suddenly going to sleep and waking up at different time and your activity level also varies greatly from your regularly scheduled, daily routine. This causes a disruption in hormone levels as well as with your metabolism. Your body is suddenly unbalanced as its normal, predictable choreographed daily routine of releasing hormones when you wake, exercise and sleep gets all mixed up, and the change in activity also disrupts your normally smooth running metabolism.

Beyond this is even one greater reason you find yourself bloated, uncomfortable and struggling with healthy digestion while you travel and that main reason is food. Food and drinks.

When you are traveling you eat different foods, and often these foods trend towards the less healthy variety. Additionally, we tend to increase our alcohol intake, and when combined with new, unhealthy and higher quantities of food consumption – our bodies completely lose balance and bloat happens. Terrible, horrible, uncomfortable bloat and other angry digestive symptoms. vacation bloat

How to Treat “Vacation Belly”

Vacation belly = What happens when you completely shock your body with unpredictable daily routines coupled with massive amounts of face stuffing and adult beverage drinking.

To prevent and even reverse this reaction, follow these bloat-busting tips:

  • Eat all natural foods when possible. Avoid processed garbage as it usually contains enough sodium to bloat you up into a whale.
  • Drink more water. Drinking more water when bloated, constipated or even suffering from loose stool actually helps in every scenario. It flushes your system, hydrates you and gives your metabolism the boost it needs to get things moving again.
  • Eat fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. They are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and most importantly, fiber. A bloated belly and unhappy digestive system love fiber.
  • Do your best to practice self control and don’t indulge on fatty, sugary and calorie dense foods. Maybe just take a bit or two instead of shoving a full dessert into your face after every meal.
  • Take a high-quality probiotic and prebiotic daily. Not only are these supplements proven to improve every facet of digestion and greatly reduce bloat and discomfort, healthy gut flora is now also being linked to better moods, sleep, clarity, and overall physical health far beyond just your digestive system.probiotics for bloat
  • Cut the booze. Sorry, but it’s true. The more you drink, the more you suffer. Alcohol dehydrates you, pumps you full of empty calories and causes your body to puff up like a marshmallow.

Vacation is meant to be fun, but how fun can it be if you feel bloated and are struggling to button your pants? An unbalanced digestive system will not go unnoticed and all those junk foods, extra drinks and late nights will catch up with you.

Try to aim for a fun middle ground – enjoy your vacation by trying new foods and experiences and having some fun nights, but don’t go into full glutton mode and feel a need to eat all the food at all the restaurants for all of your vacation.

Remember, what is consumed on vacation does not stay on vacation. It comes home with you, in the form of weight gained… and it takes forever to fight off!

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