Baking Soda Toothpaste? YES! You’re Just Going to Have to Trust Me on This One.

By on 11/15/2013

I know this blog is still in its infancy stage. In fact, its probably more like a “preeme stuck in an incubator” stage. I hope she makes it! Well, I was thinking that, while young, this blog is full of a lot of “oops”, “fail”, “remedy didn’t work”, “nope” kind of stuff. It seems unbalanced. The thing is, I do have one natural, easy, at home, whatever you want to call it remedy that I’ve tried that DID work, but I didn’t document with pictures since I technically started it before this blog became a thing, and wasn’t in the mindset of taking photos yet. I’ve decided that no longer matters. I want to share a win, and you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

So what’s this big win? I’ve started brushing my teeth with baking soda toothpaste and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. There are thousands of articles on this being a thing, so I decided a while ago to try it. “Fluoride” toothpaste is one of those key words that freak out the hippies and on top of that, I drink coffee every morning and could see my teeth starting to stain. So, I went searching for an alternative. Baking soda was promised to help with staining and plaque build up because of its abrasiveness. Hydrogen peroxide is said to keep the mouth clean as it is an antiseptic, and it also acts as a very gentle bleaching agent. And you know what? They delivered! See, now you really want some freaking before and after photos, don’t you? Well I don’t have any! I could offer a lonely “after” photo, but without a starting point of reference it’s meaningless.

I’ve been doing this for about 5 weeks now. I started the routine of brushing with just baking soda every morning AFTER I have my morning cup of coffee. I then rinse with water, and swish with the peroxide for a minute-ish.

Different websites cite different frequencies of how often you should do this routine. Some warn that the abrasiveness of the baking soda will wear down your tooth enamel if used daily. Others say nah, no biggie. I LOVED how smooth and clean my teeth felt after brushing so I did it every morning for about 2 weeks, but still brushed with my regular toothpaste at night. In those 2 weeks I noticed a pretty large improvement, and then it kind of plateaued. After a few more weeks I can say that they did continue to whiten, but just far more gradually. Beyond the coffee stain erasing, I feel like this routine really brought my teeth to a new level of squeaky clean. You know how after a cleaning at the dentist your teeth (especially your back molars) feel almost slimy because of how clean and smooth they are? Yeah, that. It’s that good. They stay clean during the day and I don’t get “stale” breath either, which I will unscientifically attribute to the peroxide mouthwash. After 2 weeks I decided to skip to every other day, in case I was actually overusing the products and possibly causing harm, as some websites suggest. You see, previously my dentist has told me I have weak enamel, and that I should use Sensodyne Pronamel to help with that. I really don’t enjoy that toothpaste though. It leaves my mouth still feeling gross. But using baking soda daily also comes with a warning of wearing down enamel, and my teeth apparently have the burden of weak, pansy enamel. So what’s a girl to do? I’ve compromised on using the baking soda every other day or so, and the hydrogen peroxide every morning. I am using the Sensodyne toothpaste in between. Overall, this routine gives me whiter and cleaner teeth than any other toothpaste or mouthwash I’ve used. And its cheap. And easy. And less fluoride (Which is a can of worms with the homeopathic, natural, non- “chemicals for better living” community all saying it’s toxic, mis-advertised, unsafe and bad.), since I’m using that toothpaste less.

I still feel bad that I never thought to take before and after photos, so I will humbly present one photo as proof of this being my new routine. Dirty bathroom and all. Sorry ya’ll, I’m just going to fast forward to that point in our friendship where I no longer clean before you come over. Everyone’s bathroom gets gross, deal with it.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Look, the peroxide bottle even says it OK:

Hydrogen Peroxide As a Mouthwash

And since the baking soda doesn’t reference its teeth scrubbing abilities, I’ve taken the liberty of helping them out with that:

Baking Soda to Scrub Away Teeth Stains

So there you have it. A home remedy that I tested and now LOVE. Love, love love!

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