The BEST Gluten Free Chicken Soup Ever… and I Made It Up!!

By on 01/16/2014

So with the arctic air vortex of doom, or whatever it is, it has dropped to a down right deadly 60 degrees in no-loner-sunny South Florida.

I clearly had to make a cold weather survival soup as our only means to survive the frigid weather.

I wish I could gleefully declare that when it comes to cooking I have arrived! But that would be a lie and no one lies on the internet. 9 out of 10 times my “wing it” recipes would give prison food a run for its money.

But you guys! This is one of those 1 in 10 recipes where I honestly squealed when I tasted it and loudly declared to my entire house,


This gluten free chicken soup is LOADED with healthy veggies and lean chicken. Guilt free, nutritious and delicious! With the exception of forgetting to add celery (who forgets to add celery to chicken soup?! This girl!), I kind of want to label this my best cooking result ever. Someone recently told me they added chopped butternut squash to a soup and I thought, “yeah. I can do that.”


It turned out AMAZING and I don’t know why, considering how haphazardly I put it together. It is filling but light, with a surprising sweet-savory flavor that I’ve never experienced in a chicken soup before.

Side note: This could be due to my no sugar until Feb. 22 pact with Princess PB. It’s a combo post-holiday sugar cleanse and a get skinny for her big wedding day “diet”.

(We’ve also committed to drinking 3 liters (one gallon) of water per day. Look for a post soon chronicling this one. It’s been both amazingly beneficial as well as annoyingly disruptive in the having-to-pee-all-the-effing-time kind of way).

Anyway…Back to the best gluten-free chicken soup ever!

When it comes to cooking, I have 2 rules I follow:

  1. It must be quick! I don’t have more than 30 minutes to commit to prepping and cooking. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!
  2. It must be easy. I usually have zero instinct when it comes to cooking, and even less patience. If I have to use all the burners plus the oven, the answer is no.

This soup meets both rules! Sweet!

Here are the ingredients I used:

Healthy Chicken Soup Ingredients

The Spices

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I usually buy organic, but the store was sold out and I’m not about to go to another store. See rule #1.)
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 sweet yellow onion
  • 1 bag of pre-chopped butternut squash
  • 6 cups of chicken broth
  • a few handfuls of spinach
  • chopped celery (I forgot. You shouldn’t)
  • chopped baby carrots, probably about 1 1/2 cups…ish.
  • garlic
  • oregano, parsley, thyme, salt pepper – all to taste
  • Optional: gluten free pasta. I planned on making some to add to the soup, but after taste testing it I realized no pasta was needed. OM NOM NOM NOM.

All of these measurements are suggestions. This soup is completely customizable! More chicken? SURE! More potato? WHY NOT? Vegan? Use veggie broth and tofu! Add Nutella? EHH… No. Don’t do that. Gross.

…And the super simple instructions:

Boil 4 cups of chicken broth and add your chicken breasts. Simmer for 30-40ish minutes or until done. Pull apart with 2 forks or be lazy like me and just chop that chicken to bits with scissors.

Poach Chicken in Broth

Chop your veggies and add to your pot currently full of broth and cooked, shredded chicken. Pro tip: buy pre-chopped crap when you can, unless you’re actually good at chopping. The well-being of my fingers is always on the line and I take forever, so reducing the amount of knife usage for me is always a plus.

Healthy Chopped Veggies

(I mean seriously! Look at all those healthy noms! Vitamins! Antioxidants! Anti-inflammatories!)

Add Veggies to Shredded Poached Chicken

Then, if you’re like me and terrible at eyeballing things, add more broth because WHOA, way too many veggies!

Add More Broth

Add your spices. I know, this recipe is probably killing you right now. SO EASY!

Tons of Spice

Let it all simmer for at least 30ish minutes, I’d guess. I made this around 2 while Seb was still in daycare and just left it on low all day until dinner time (6:30).

BOOM! DONE! That’s it!

Healthy Gluten Free Chicken Soup

It may not look all purty like them TV show cooks can do, but this baby right here is my absolute new favorite recipe and winter survival food (shut up, 60 degrees is cold for us thin blooded Floridians! Most of us don’t even have closed-toed shoes.) Even the cats are refusing to move from their warm spots.


Cold Cat

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