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By on 11/27/2015
adult acne

Most of us look in the mirror and almost always see something about our skin that we are just not pleased about. It may be that it looks dull and tired, or the complexion is less than perfect, and not to mention those fine line and wrinkles that may be appearing.

Our first inclination is to find the latest skin care product on the market and start using this diligently. This is great, but there is one important flaw in this solution. When you are doing this you are treating the skin from the outside, when the real solution is to treat the skin from the inside out.

It all begins with knowing why your skin is showing those signs that none of us are impressed with. We all want to look our best and of course hold onto our youthful looks as long as possible.

There are four layers of the skin which is made up of many different components. One of these components is ceramides. Their job is to form layers of protection to help keep the bacteria from forming an infection of the skin, and to help the skin keep its moisture. When any of the four skin layers are lacking in ceramides then this is noticeable with dry skin and wrinkles, and even dermatitis.

While the skin will absorb a certain amount of products that are applied externally, it will not absorb enough to get down into the deeper layers of the skin where the problem really needs to be addressed.

The answer is to treat the skin from the inside out by orally taking Phytoceramides which are plant based lipids. These can then be disseminated through the blood stream which in turn feeds the skin. The skin that is now lacking in ceramides is getting replenished. The end result is that instead of relying on a temporary fix for your skin with external products, you are addressing the actual problem and correcting it.

A great product for helping you to restore your skin back to its natural beauty and work as a preventative as well is Naturae Vita’s Phytoceramide “Face-Lift” Formula. The “Face-Lift” truly takes place because the skin is being revitalized in the lower layers which provide the support for the layers of the skin that you see.

Here is something else to consider. It’s not just what you see in the mirror that might be aging or showing signs of dryness. The rest of the skin on your body is probably reacting the same way. It is far more cost effective and more beneficial long term to use Naturae Vita’s Phytoceramide “Face-Lift” Formula as it is treating the skin on your entire body. Your external application of skin care products may give you some temporary youthfulness to your face, but are your hands and legs and tummy telling the real story of just how bad your skin may be?

Just as you need to ensure that the ceramides your skin needs is being supplemented, you can increase the overall effects by concentrating on a better skin diet.

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