Better Sleep Means Better Weight Loss

By on 12/01/2016

If we said you can sleep your way to a slimmer body, what would you call us? Crazy? Silly? Nuts?

What about right? Would you call us right?

Because we are!

Listen, everyone knows two of the best ways to lose weight are through diet and exercise.

Everyone also knows that diet and exercise can be impossible to maintain when managing a busy career, family, life and everything else we balance these days.
Chances are, at the end of most days you find yourself exhausted, demotivated and just plain tired.

So if you are already doing your best to exercise and eat right when you can manage it, what else can you do to take care of yourself and keep fighting back the weight?

You can sleep your way to a better body.


Better sleep for better weight loss

Sleep and weight have a direct correlation – get less sleep and you will gain weight, get more sleep, and you will lose weight.

How can this be?

When you don’t sleep enough, a few bad things happen: you can’t focus and give into cravings sooner (And you will crave carbs for more energy!), your body actually holds on to fat cells and lipids more, and your body releases more cortisol – a stress hormone that causes weight gain and actually reduces your ability to grow muscle (meaning your results from the gym will be minimized). You are also lethargic and more prone to depression, meaning you’ll be less likely to make proper food choices or to hit the gym.

When you do get proper amounts of sleep, the exact opposite happens: Your general outlook is usually brighter and your ability to resist cravings is much stronger. Your body does not release cortisol and instead releases more Leptin – a hormone that signals when you’re full and encourages smaller meal portions. Your energy levels are obviously higher meaning you are more likely to exercise and have more motivation to cook a healthy meal. Your metabolism also remains more steady, meaning more consistent fat burning. Overall, your body and mind are rested and ready to stay motivated and on track.

Tips for a better night’s sleep

  • Aim for 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and keep a steady sleep schedule.
  • Electronics are now recognized as the number one reason people stay up late and don’t fall asleep easily. To prevent this, turn off all electronic devices 30 minutes before bed and don’t sleep with your phone or computer by your bed.
  • Never watch TV or work on your computer from your bed. Think of your bed as your sleep throne and use it only for sleep. no tv in bedroom
  • Don’t drink coffee or consume and caffeinated foods (like chocolate which is fattening anyway!) after 2pm. This allows your body to fully process and eliminate this stimulant before bed time.
  • Keep it dark and cool in your room. Both of these signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep.
  • Eat dinner early, and then eat one fat burning snack an hour or so before bed. This keeps your metabolism active all through the night, resulting in more calories burned while you sleep. Good snack choices include: blueberries, plain greek yogurt, dried figs, veggies or hummus.
  • Take a supplement that encourages the two things you need most: good sleep and weight loss. A nightly supplement like Quik60 contains melatonin which is proven to improve quality of sleep, and also cleverly contains a blend of 9 natural ingredients known to encourage weight loss. This pair of sleep + weight loss supporting ingredients is ingenious really.

Better sleep means a better, healthier body, which in turn encourages even better sleep.

Poor sleep encourages weight gain and other health issues, which in turn negatively affect your sleep.

As you can see there are 2 cycles here, one good and one bad. Don’t be foolish – choose the one that gets you better sleep and a banging body!

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