BMI. What is it, What Does it Mean, and What is Yours?

By on 06/16/2015

BMI stands for Body Mass Index, and is a measurement of your body fat that is calculated based on your height, weight, age and sex.

There are so many different body types out there; long and lean, short and pear shaped, broad shoulders, big hips, small torso, etc…

You cannot make an assumption of a persons health based solely on their physical appearance or even their weight!

For example, let’s say two woman weigh 145 pounds. Are they healthy or overweight? You don’t have enough information to determine that.

If one woman is 5’7″ tall, and the other is 5’4″, then you will probably assume the tall woman is at a healthy weight and the short woman is probably overweight.

However, if the taller woman is 21 years old, and the shorter woman is 45, then they both actually fall into a healthy range for their age.

Now, let’s say the 5’7″ person is actually a male. Well, now they fall into an unhealthy BMI category as they are underweight.

The reason it is important to look at body fat and not body weight is because it is the excess body fat that causes serious health issues, not overall weight.

A professional weight lifter may weight  more than a couch potato of the same age and height, but you better believe the weight lifter has far less excess body fat!

Someone who appears “thicker” may actually have less body fat on their body (and just have a thicker bone mass or base muscle mass), than a thin person who may appear healthy but actually has more stored body fat.

Calculate your BMI to see where you fall on the charts!

Calculating your individual BMI is actually a complex math problem that is hard to do by hand.

Luckily, the internet is full of helpful sites that offer free BMI calculators, like this one:  Mayo Clinic’s free BMI calculator.

Now that you have your actual BMI, let’s review the chart:

Now here is the hard truth…

If your BMI is over 25, your risk for the following is greatly increased:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Choleric
  • High Triglycerides
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Fertility Complications
  • Various Organ Diseases (like liver or gallbladder)
  • Depression
  • Back Pain
  • Sleep Apnea

The good news is by reducing your BMI by even as little as 5-10%, you can start to make a real impact on your health and reduce your risks for the above mentioned major health issues.

So, how can you get your BMI back into the green zone?

Well, there is no shocking answer to that. It takes diet and exercise. You need to increase your cardio as well as your muscle mass as these will rev up your metabolism and cause your body to burn off that excess fat faster. You also need to stay away from fast food, processed foods, and most carbs. Stick to a “clean” diet comprised of fresh veggies, fruits, lean meats and minimal grains. This will also feed your metabolism, as well as not contribute any more fat to your body.


What if you just don’t have the time to exercise, or eating well all the time is just impossible for you? Well, first, you need to do your absolute best to change your lifestyle and situation into one that can support a healthier you. You need to make priorities where you can to eat right and exercise as much as you can. Any amount of change is good change, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The good news is you can now also take a supplement, Exerslim, that has been created to tackle the problem of obesity in a different way than most other supplements on the market. Exerslim actually simulates the fat-burning, health-boosting benefits of exercise to help supplement the times you just can’t get into a gym, get on a bicycle, swim a lap or run a mile.

If you change your eating, exercise as much as you can, and supplement with a cutting edge product like Exerslim, your BMI will shrink down to a healthy level in no time!

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