Brittle Hair and Nails? What Does it Mean?

By on 07/10/2015

brittle nails biotin deficiencyHave you noticed your hair is dry, brittle and dull? How about your nails? Do they feel thin and crack and peel often? I bet if you suffer from these problems that your skin is probably dry as well, right?

These are common beauty annoyances that can be fixed with lotions, creams, and other specialty products, but did you know they actually stem from a deeper problem?

If your body does not have enough biotin, these are the main symptoms you will experience.

Biotin is a vitamin and an important component of body enzymes that helps support major functions of the body. 

It helps in the synthesis of fatty acids, helps form glucose, helps metabolize essential amino acids, fatty acids and cholesterol and it assists in the production of keratin – which just happens to be the main protein needed for strong hair and nails.

You can get biotin naturally from foods like eggs, almonds, peanuts, wheat bran, salmon, low-fat cheese and avocados, but even if your diet is rich in these foods, you may still suffer from a deficiency. biotin rich foods

Unfortunately, there is no reliable medical test to determine whether or not you suffer from a biotin deficiency. So your best bet is to analyze your symptoms.

If your hair is thin, brittle and dry, your nails are thin and crack easily, your skin is red and dry (especially around the face), and if you suffer from exhaustion easily, then you meet all of the major symptoms of a deficiency.

brittle hair biotin deficiency
So if this describes you, what can you do?

It seems most people are not aware that simply taking a daily biotin supplement can help solve all of these beauty problems safely and permanently. In as little as 2 weeks of taking a trusted supplement, the health benefits will become visible as your body adjusts to having proper amounts of biotin. Your hair and nails will become strong, bright and grow faster and your skin will become less dry and irritated as well.

Unfortunately, as of right now, the most popular solutions are all based on treating the symptoms and not the cause. This is partially due to industry greed as it is far more profitable to market and sell individual treatment options for hair, nail and skin problems. Sorry, but a hair mask or face cream isn’t going to fix the main problem – a lack of biotin in your system.

In fact, it would be smarter, healthier and more cost effective to just treat the source of the problem and take a biotin supplement (like Naturae Vita’s Skin, Hair and Nail supplement) that provides your body with proper amounts of biotin. As an added bonus, Naturae Vita’s Hair and Nail supplement is also packed full of beauty supporting vitamins (like Vitamins C, E, B5, B6, Zinc) as well as a special blend of minerals and herbal and fruit extracts shown to support strong hair, nails and skin.

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