Can you Hair Health Me a Minute, Please?

By on 03/08/2015
bad hair cat

damaged hairAhh, I crack myself up! I’m sure you’re laughing too… right? Right?

… no?


Well anyway, I want to talk about something hairy special today… Ok! Sorry! I’ll stop!


Let’s talk about hair, and why some people have amazing hair… and some don’t. Also, why your once awesome hair can suddenly become… hairrible (just like my jokes!)

Your hair’s thickness, texture and growth rate are all determined first by your genetics. A thicker hair follicle produces thicker strands of hair. The more densely packed your follicles are, the more actual strands of hair you will have, creating a fuller look.

However, just as with most things in life, this isn’t a simple end to the story. There are also many environmental factors that contribute to your hair’s health and appearance (or lack thereof).


Eating well, especially foods high in protein and iron is essential for hair health.


Outside of foods, supplements, like FollicShield (by enerGnaturals), that provide the top essential hair nutrients like horse tail extract, copper peptides and cysteine are also essential for preventing hair brittleness and breakage, decreasing hair loss and increasing shine and length.

  • Horse tail extract contains silica which helps hair regain strength, break less and grow faster. It also contains potassium, manganese and selenium which are trace minerals needed to encourage hair growth.
  • Copper peptides rebuild capillaries around the follicle, improving nutrient flow from the blood. Even better, they can reduce and prevent gray hair thanks to their melanin pigment production.
  • Cysteine is an amazing amino acid (protein building block) that improves hair texture, quality and length over time. It also strengthens the follicle, meaning hair is less likely to fall out.


Physical Damage             

Unfortunately, blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and other devices that apply heat to your hair actually cause a large amount of damage. When you apply high heat to wet hair, it actually causes that water to boil, leaving your hair shaft damaged and brittle. Even with dry hair, being consistently exposed to high heat causes your hair to become dull, frizzy, dry and thin. Try to reduce your hair’s exposure to this intense kind of heat as much as possible.

The sun also wreaks havoc on your hair. The UVB rays can weaken and break the protein bonds in your hair shaft as well as lighten the hair color. Additionally, the heat will cause damage in all the same ways just mentioned above. When going out in the sun be sure to wear a hat or apply and hair-specific sunscreen (yes, those exist!).

Chemicals like chlorine, hair dye, bleach, and the sulfides found in many hair products all break down your hair shaft as well. They remove the natural oils covering your hair, resulting in the loss of hair shine and flexibility. Once stripped, the hair becomes brittle, dull and will break or fall out much easier. Try to find sulfite-free hair products when possible. You can also buy a hair “mask” that will coat your hair before swimming to prevent exposure to chlorine.



Well, there isn’t much to say here except try not to stress so much, for so many reasons. Relevant to this topic, stress can cause your hair to fall out. In fact, hair loss can occur as late as six weeks to three months after you experience a stressful event. The good news is that stress-related hair loss is usually temporary; your hair will start to regrow once you find balance in life again.

At the end of the day, you get the hair you’re born with. Without salon intervention, curly hair will remain curly, straight hair will remain straight and there is no pill you can take to instantly become a bleach blonde. However, you can contribute to your hair’s health, shine, thickness, length and vitality by following the simple (and generally good for you anyway) tips above.

The struggle is real for us all.

The struggle is real

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