Cellulite… UGH… Right?

By on 11/09/2017

celluliteIt may be common for both men and women, but cellulite (aka cottage cheese butt!) sure is embarrassing for all!

What’s more unfair is that no one is immune! Do you exercise daily, eat right and have a killer body? Awesome! Does that mean you’ll never get cellulite? Nope! You can still succumb to these not-so-cute body dimples appearing on your legs, butt or arms.

In fact, even though Halloween is over, we are still going to scare you with this statistic:

Cellulite affects nearly 90 percent of all women and 10 percent of men during their lifetime! 😱

What causes cellulite, anyway?

The skin puckering appearance of cellulite occurs when the layer of fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue and bulges, causing cellulite to appear.what causes cellulite

A woman’s risk increases as she ages and it peaks at menopause when hormones shift.

There are a few reasons the subdermal layer of fat suddenly starts pushing against the connective tissue, including a reduction in estrogen, poor diet and health, prolonged daily sitting (ie: working at a desk all day), weight gain (which causes the fat cells to get larger), poor blood flow, a reduction of collagen and the dreaded genetics.

Unfortunately at least one, if not more of these factors, apply to almost everyone. Which begs the next question:

So what can you do to fight off cellulite?

Exercise –  Yes, we said above that even those who exercise aren’t immune to cellulite and its true, but the more you exercise and burn fat, the less fat you have to start bulging, which causes the dreaded dimples.

Eat well –  In the same manner as above, eating healthy foods helps reduce the amount of fat stored in your body. Less fat = less cellulite.

Flush Your System – Flushing fat and toxins (which contribute to stored fat) is a great way to not only reduce fat, but boost overall health since toxins affect so much more than just fat storage. Using a flushing product like Lymph-Active will help quickly remove toxins by boosting your lymph system.

Hydrate – Not only is it just good for you overall, but a hydrated body means hydrated, supple and healthy skin. Supple healthy skin is less likely to “cave” to the dimples as easily as thin, frail and dehydrated skin.hydrate

Supplement during menopause –  There are many safe and natural supplements available that can help ease the symptoms of menopause and can help boost estrogen levels which can help slow the development of cellulite

Finally, keep in mind that for short-term treatment, you can always use a skin-firming retinol cream! It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite for a few hours and possibly may even help tighten the skin over time. Just apply before a big event that you want to look stunning for and you should quickly see some improvement. Just remember that much like Cinderella at the ball, this is a short-term solution and the effects will wear off within a few hours.

No one likes cellulite, but no one is immune. The best you can do is follow our tips to keep it at bay for as long as possible, and greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite that does rear its ugly, dimpled head.

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