For All of You Coffee and Peanut Butter Lovers

By on 07/30/2014

Coffee and peanut butter? What in the world do those two things have in common?

I like them both. A lot.

Here is my issue though: Peanut butter is very high in calories and fat. Good fats, but a lot of them… too much.

And coffee? Well my issue there is that while I limit myself to a cup of black, sugarless, creamless coffee a day, in my heart I am constantly cheating on the plain black cup with dreams of all the delicious, sugarary delights sold at Starbucks.

My favorite is, of course, the caramel frappuccino. In fact, have you seen the new caramel ribbon crunch? OMG, delicious.


There is just one teeny tiny little problem with it….

1-Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino® blended beverage  Starbucks Coffee Company - Mozilla Firefox 7282014 101520 AM.bmpEGADS!

That is beyond unhealthy. Like, I’m sure a slice, nay, MANY slices of cake would be better for me than this drink. If I were to drink one of these a day, in one year I would gain FIFTY POUNDS!!



So now, this is where we kind of enter my twisted logic.

This past week I was jonesing for something sweet, but I wanted to be good. I happened to spot my old, cold, but-still-half-full cup of coffee:

Old Coffee

And then I realized I have this new, MAGICAL product that I discovered at Tunies (my local health food store). PB2. It’s dried peanut butter. All the flavor, all the protein, and almost none of the oils and fats. Just add water and BOOM, peanut butter.

PB2 Nutrition

I am in LOVE with this stuff. And for some reason I thought peanut butter flavored coffee would be good. It wasn’t. Not on its own.

So I thought to myself, “Self, why not add some more stuff and make a delicious blended coffee of your own?” To which I replied, “Great idea self!”

So I grabbed just a few more healthy, but clever (so I thought), ingredients.


Here is the nutritional value of the cocoa and almond milk, for your reference (or if you’re not a label reader: THEY ARE HEALTHY. Low fat and low cal!).

Hersheys Cocoa Nutirtion Almond Milk Nutirtion

So I added proper serving sized of each ingredient into a larger mug, and then mixed in my cold coffee. Then nuked it for 30 seconds. I understand I could have used ice and a blender to really make this far more delicious and frap-like. Its just that I really REALLY hate dishes. I didn’t want to clean the blender so I skipped it and made a hot coffee instead.

Delicately stirred with a spoon, as you can see.

PB Mocha CoffeeYes, I had to remind myself to stop drinking and take a pic.

The result was very meh. It had flavor, but it was barely there and very un-sweet and bland. So I decided this drink that currently totaled a whole 85 calories could stand to have a little sweet added:

Maple Syrup NutritionNow I didn’t go adding a 1/4 cup of syrup (But man, I was tempted. Mmmmm). I added just a tablespoon, so that calculates to 50 calories.

It was all the drink needed. Delicious!! and only 135 calories and 22 carbs, versus the Starbucks monster with 480 calories and a whopping 77g of carbs.

I understand in a blind taste test my drink would hands down lose and be sentenced to death. But the irony is if you were to drink the Starbucks one even semi-regularly YOU’RE the one being sentenced to an early death.

I am a huge advocate in keeping healthy staple items around the house (like the above) and then experimenting with different recipes. Most fail, but some are delicious and end up being healthy substitutes to those bad food influences in your life.

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