Ditch Junk Food for These Delicious Alternatives!

By on 07/19/2018

junk foodsSummer is in full swing and if you are like the majority of us, the laid-back fun of no school, long nights, amazing vacations, and other summer favorites has probably made those bathing suits a bit… snug.

So many of us come off the holidays committed to getting back in shape and “summer body” ready. Then summer hits, and we enjoy BBQs, s’mores by the fire, summer cocktails, and suddenly realize all our favorite junk foods are suddenly making our summer bodies less slim.

Let’s ditch the junk food for these amazing and healthy alternatives that will still leave you feeling satisfied!

healthy snacks

Most cravings are for something sweet, salty or savory. You can easily satisfy these cravings with healthier alternatives that still scratch that craving “Itch” but are better for your health and/or weight loss goals.


Salty cravings: chips, French fries, pizza, frozen meals

Sweet cravings: candy, sugary drinks, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream

Savory cravings: high fat or processed meats, flavored chips, buttered popcorn, pork rinds, deep fried anything, frozen meals


Salty cravings: black olives, turkey and cheese roll up with mustard, cheese, figs drizzled with honey and salt, celery with peanut butter and raisins, baked sweet potato fries, edamame, avocado with salt, pickles


Sweet cravings: yogurt parfait, chocolate dipped strawberries, grilled pineapple, watermelon, sliced apple with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips

grilled pineapple

Savory cravings: sweet potato and hummus, spiced nuts, sea salt and vinegar kale chips, hummus chicken salad on whole wheat crackers, flax seed crackers, BBQ chickpeas


Other tricks for avoiding junk food:

  • Stay hydrated always, but only drink water or sugar free drinks.
  • Make sure your most favorite snacks and types of junk food are NOT in your house. Don’t buy them and don’t bring them home.
  • Analyze your hunger. Is your body actually hungry or is it an emotional craving for junk food due to stress or exhaustion? Instead of giving in to emotional cravings, try chugging a glass of water, chewing gum, going on a walk, or all 3 to reset your brain and cancel the craving.
  • Brush your teeth. Often, the mint from the toothpaste along with the fresh breath will help you get past your cravings.
  • If you’ve tried all these tricks and are still dying for junk food, now is the time to try one of the healthy options above!


One more secret slimming hack: To add an additional “kick” to your slimming goals, try this amazing new supplement concept that is honestly rather genius. How about using a delicious seasoning on your most favorite foods (healthy or junk) and in addition to great flavor, you also rev up your metabolism and burn more fat? Yes, please! Slim Season is exactly what we need now (and probably again during the holiday to be honest). Carry it with you, sprinkle on your foods and enjoy bonus weight loss!

It is true that living in extremes is never healthy. Your best path to overall health is to eat healthy but still enjoy some cheat meals because you are, after all, still human, and simply supplement with something easy like Slim Season to help burn extra fat! Summer is the season of fun… live it up but don’t give up your goals!



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