Don’t Get Sick This Winter with These Simple Tricks!

By on 01/12/2017

winter fluWinter… that magical time of year when we get so excited at the first fall of snow flurries, the first time we have to put on our heavy coat, the first snow storm, and the wonderful anticipation of holiday celebrations to come…

…and then they go.

Now the fun is over,  it’s still cold, and you’re over it… and you know what comes next: Winter bugs. Coughing, hacking, shivering, runny nose, exhaustion, fatigue, fever… The wonderful gift that is winter sickness!

Why do we get sick in winter?

Well, for one, winter is peak flu season – when the flu strain is most active because the cool dry air outside is the perfect environment for the virus to thrive. In fact, research from the National Institute of Health suggests that the flu virus’ coating becomes tougher as temperatures get close to freezing, making them more active, more resilient, and easier to transmit in the winter… so, naturally more people will contract it and spread it.

The cold air also doesn’t help. It’s freezing outside, so we stay inside more. No vitamin D. No fresh air, just dry, heated air that dries out your nasal cavities and makes them more vulnerable to contracting germs.

Additionally, we just spent from Halloween to New Year’s most likely eating more bad foods than normal, stressing more about holidays and parties and planning and work, and less time exercising. Thus our immune systems get wiped out with a triple combo – poor foods, high stress and less exercise. It’s the perfect storm for weakening our body’s natural defense system.

Flu season ahead sign

So how do you stay healthy this winter?

It’s actually not that hard once you realize you just need to step up your defenses and make a few simple changes to get through this season of sickness.

  1. Clean up your act. Wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds as much as possible, and take care to not touch your face and mouth if your hands aren’t clean.
  2. Add Gluthastem to your daily vitamin and supplement regimen. It contains Glutathione,  the “master antioxidant” which protects you from viral diseases (and helps prevent the body from aging, and helps regenerate all of your organs).
  3. Also add vitamin D to the mix as well. 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 a week may cut your risk of upper respiratory infection in half!
  4. Exercise the right way for winter. Don’t let the cold air slow you down. Exercise is crucial to a healthy immune system, you just need to take care in staying hydrated as the cold air dries you out, and to properly warm up before you exercise outdoors to prevent irritated/distressed lungs.
  5. Eat healthy, as you always should. Yogurts rich in probiotics, fruits with antioxidants, and whole foods all help fuel your immune system. Sugary and fatty foods strain your body and make you more susceptible to viruses.
  6. Keep the humidity in your home at 30-50% to help moisten your nasal passages, which is crucial for protecting your airway from catching viruses. You can also use a saline nasal spray 3 or 4 times a day to moisten the area and to help flush away pathogens. wash your hands prevent flu

Just because wintertime creates the perfect environment for viruses doesn’t mean you have to be one of their victims! You are now educated and know winter bugs aren’t just caused by catching a chill that one time you forgot to wear a coat outside. Its much more complex, but the solutions are simple! Stay clean, stay healthy, keep your nose moist and take the best supplements for keeping you strong and healthy!

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