Don’t Let Sweet Summer Indulgences Spike Your Blood Sugar Levels!

By on 08/25/2016

Summer heat treatsWe may be in the heat of summer right now, but lets rewind a bit, shall we?

What do we all say we will do once winter ends and we start shedding layers of clothes only to reveal that lovely winter weight we put on?

We get our butts back into the gym and we start eating healthy againand why?

To be summer ready! To have that perfect summer bod! To look great in a bathing suit or in a tiny summer top and shorts!

We work hard so that in summer we can play hard and look good doing it!

And it’s hot, right? Sooo hot! So hot that maybe some ice cream would be just the thing to cool off! Or popsicles! Or hey! How about some delicious summer cocktails while BBQing with friends?

Sweet summer indulgences can be so hard to resist for two main reasons:

  1. Umm, hello?? Its HOT. These cool summer treats are actually needed for survival! Sure, you can just drink a tall glass of cold water but that’s just not as fun as stealing one of the kid’s rocket shaped popsicles, is it?sugary summer treat
  2. You just did the big winter to summer diet! Once the holidays were done you cut out the sweets and pies and cakes and hot chocolates and you worked hard at getting that killer summer body – and now you want a reward! Your body is also jonesing for some sugary goodness as well. And you’ve been so good – what’s one cheat gonna do.. or two cheats.. OK maybe 3…

Catch our drift? It’s a slippery slope!

Unfortunately these summer indulgences can actually be terrible for your health! Indulging in sweets can spike your blood sugar/insulin levels, obviously cause weight gain, and can cause uncontrollable sugar cravings which can lead you down a terrible path of junk food binging.

We know too many sugary treats, even in the sweaty summer heat, are harmful and a big “No!”, at the same time, its SUMMER and thus unrealistic to expect dietary perfection.

All you need to do is practice restraint, and become a responsible sugar consumer…

You can do this very simply by following just a few of our best tips:

  • First, reduce cravings by eating more lean protein. This ensures you are filled with healthy foods and are less hungry for the bad foods – and have less room in your tummy as well! If you know you will be attending a summer party, beach bash, birthday party or other fun activity that is sure to have sweet summer treats all around, eat a lean, healthy and filling meal before you arrive to reduce temptation.
  • Speaking of your tummy, give it all the proper nutrients it needs to stay strong, healthy and slim! Taking an EPA/DHA/Omega-3 supplement can actually support weight loss by improving fat burning potential as well as muscle density. Studies have also shown higher omega-3 levels enhance insulin sensitivity as well, leading to lower blood sugar levels. We also know that indulging in one too many treats usually results in a sour stomach as well. Taking the right supplements can support healthy digestion and help prevent digestive distress. reduce insulin sugar intake
  • Stay hydrated! The summers just keep getting hotter and longer and this really taxes our bodies. Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism boosted and also helps reduce cravings as dehydration causes exhaustion, triggers a release of cortisol and increases your cravings as your body becomes desperate for fuel. In summer we must increase our water intake by at least 16 ounces a day to make up for the water loss through sweating it out on those hot summer days where you swear your shoes might just melt into the pavement.
  • Make healthy options to help beat the heat. Buy a popsicle mold and make healthy frozen treats out of organic fruit purees, coconut water and dare we say – even some pureed kale? These popsicles will cool you off, replace electrolytes, give you vitamins and antioxidants and keep your consumption of sugar, preservative and artificial food coloring levels to a minimum! For even less effort you can also simply freeze some healthy yogurt, or even fruit like grapes or sliced strawberries which then turn into cold, crunchy and healthy snacks!healthy summer treats

Listen, we get it. Summer is a time for relaxing, having fun and spending time with your family and friends. The kids are out of school. The nights are long. The sun is strong and it is HOT. We don’t expect you to stay shut in your house, eating heads of broccoli for all meals to ensure you stay healthy. We do however want to remind you that sweet treats and sugary foods are easily addictive and a slippery slope – so plan ahead! Be mindful to only indulge a bit. But also be sure to continue supporting your health by following our tips too!

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