Ecstatic for Lymphatic!

By on 09/15/2016

Lymphatic system healthForgive the silly title, but we couldn’t resist…

But seriously, why shouldn’t we be ecstatic for our lymphatic system?

Unfortunately, our poor lymphatic system gets no love as the massive health benefits of a strong lymphatic system just aren’t widely known.

They should be though, so we are going to bring you some not-so-breaking news that doctors have known forever, but the general public is mostly oblivious to…

A Strong Lymphatic System is Vital for Good Health

What exactly is your lymphatic system?

It is a network of tissues  and organs (tonsils, lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen) designed to rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. Flowing through this network is lymph, a fluid full of white blood cells that fights infection and carries away toxins as it flows through our bodies.

Are you starting to catch on? Lymph literally has one job – to keep us healthy and free of infection, viruses and other harmful, invasive toxins. So it may be important to do what we can to support a strong lymphatic system, right?

How to Support your Lymphatic System

Without proper support, your lymphatic system can become congested, which prevents it from protecting you at the high level you need it to. When this happens, as you can guess, your body becomes weak and vulnerable to infection, illness, and other ailments.

What you may not guess is that a congested lymphatic system also contributes to bloating, swelling, pain, weight gain, and poor circulation.

Follow these rules to support your Lymphatic System and prevent congestion:

  • Reduce stress and stay active to help keep the lymph flowing freely in your system and to help release toxins from storage so they can be removed. When the body does not regularly move, toxins remain in muscles, so get moving!
  • Eat an alkaline diet rich in cranberries, raspberries, cherries, veggies and red root. Not only are these foods full of wonderful antioxidants, but pathogens cannot survive in an alkaline body, so this type of diet supports your lymphatic system by reducing the amount of unwanted materials it needs to remove from your body.alkaline body
  • If you do feel your system is congested (based on the symptoms stated above), use a product like Lymphaid to help promote the drainage of extra lymph and reactivate the micro-circulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Hydrate. Since lymph is mostly comprised of water it is important to stay hydrated so that your lymph can stay at an optimum level. Drinking lemon water is a great way to hydrate, alkalize your body and provide your system with great antioxidants.
  • For the ladies, wear wireless bras. This may sound silly, but the underwire in your bra happens to put pressure near some of your lymph nodes, which can cause blockage, buildup and you guessed it – a congested lymphatic system. Some experts even suspect that over time this pressure causes permanent damage to the cluster of lymph nodes near your breasts and may contribute to an increased risk of breast cancer.lymph nodes near breasts

The truth is these are all very simple steps you can take to support a healthy, flowing lymphatic system, so really, you don’t have much of an excuse other than laziness! It may not be mainstream right now to focus on your lymphatic health, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. It simply means you are ahead of the current health trends and are actually more aware of your health than most.

Let’s say it one more time… we are ecstatic for our lymphatic!

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