Ever Wonder Why You’re So Tired?

By on 04/27/2017

exhaustionmanageHow many times have you said, “I’m so tired!” today? This week? Really, stop and think about it… do you wake up tired? Are you crashing daily by 2pm? Do you get home too exhausted to even think about cooking? Chances are when you stop and think about it, you’ll realize you’re actually tired all the time!

Ever wonder why you’re always tired?

Well, as it turns out we all are… well, most of us anyway. According to recent psychological surveys, most adults of all ages, races and locations report feeling tired often, no matter the time of day!


What Are the Main Causes of Exhaustion Today?

First, there is actual physical exhaustion that results from lack of sleep. Like it or not, studies have confirmed that interacting with technology (TV, phone, computer) within 1 hour before bed negatively affects our sleep. It’s not just the constant stimulation either. The light emited from these devices messes with our heads and our sleep cycles. You can read more about this effect, called Blue Light Syndrome, on Harvard’s website here. Pair this with going to bed late and getting up early, and yes, you will be exhausted. 

Another major factor affecting sleep today is poor diet. When you don’t have adequate nutrition your body can’t function properly, and one of the many side effects of this is energy crashes during the day (due to eating simple-carb foods) and poor sleep. In addition to not giving your body the proper healthy foods it needs for a strong metabolism (aka energy), chances are, if you’re like most Americans today, you are also consuming way too much caffeine and sugar. The result? An amped up system that is “running on fumes” and a very low energy level paired with poor sleep.

Let’s not forget exercise too. Why is exercise important for increased energy? Physical activity can make you more alert, speed up your metabolism and energize you for the day ahead. Be careful though, exercise right before bedtime can lead to a poor night’s sleep.

 There is a significant connection between emotional wellbeing and daily energy, too. If you are struggling with depression or other emotional disorders, your body will suffer as well and one of the greatest side effects is exhaustion, day and night.

Another emotional drain on energy is worry and stress. When you are constantly worried or stressed out, your body goes into fight or flight mode, meaning it releases stimulating hormones like cortisol to try and get your body out of the stressful situation. Unfortunately, unless you are running from a bear, all this will do is exhaust your system, cause weight gain, a weakened immunse system, and interupt your sleep patterns.worry exhaustion

So how do you reverse the drag and get your energy back?

It’s simple, but it isn’t necessarily easy. The best way to give yourself better energy during the day and better sleep at night is to cut off electronics at least an hour before you go to bed, eat better foods during the day (lean proteins, whole foods, no refined sugars and carbs), exercise (even 5 min at lunchtime will help!), and find ways to relax. If you are constantly worried or stressed, try guided meditations, art, reading calming books, or talking it out with some close friends or family memebers.


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