Fall in Florida

By on 10/23/2013
Scary Cookie Monster isn't gonna carve himself... Mostly scary how bad the art is.

it’s that magical time of year when the heat finally breaks and the air becomes crisp, leaves start to turn, the wind blusters, and sweaters come out of the closet. All indications that fall is upon us! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner! Grab a scarf, some leggings, and a big, spiced coffee. Let the ambiance romance you into a wonderful season!

Except in Florida. We get none of this. Its still 90 degrees, humid, and all of our trees are still woefully green. We can still fry bacon on the hoods of our cars. Instead of ceremoniously retrieving cozy sweaters from the back of the closet, we Floridians simply start wearing fall colored tank tops. Maybe one or two suffocating scarves, you know, for the Instagram. We switch from summertime flip flops to, well, fall flip flops.

Florida Fall Flip Flops

Floridians have different indicators of the changing of the seasons, mainly pumpkin flavored everything starts appearing in Starbucks. And snowbirds. The out of state license plates start cluttering our roads. The beach gets more crowded. Old men in speedos; that’s how Florida knows fall is here!

We still try to make it a season though, and this weekend was my attempt. We took Seb to a local “farm” where they have no animals, and took a “hayride” where there was no hay, but alligators.

Beder Farms Hay Ride



We picked out our pumpkin, that was not grown on the farm, but trucked in and plopped on the ground earlier in the day.

Seb's Pumpkin

It was 91 degrees out (at 10am), and so our best attempt at dressing Seb in fall looking attire was thwarted when he started dripping sweat, crying, and looking like he may actually die. Real Florida “fall” won, and we had to strip the 2 year old down to more reasonable attire: no shirt. This was the only time he smiled.

 90 Degree Florida Fall

He was hot and miserable, and so were we. BUT THE FALL PICTURES, DAMNIT!


(Can we take a sidebar for a second. EYELASHES! Why do my husband and son get the long, thick eyelashes of every woman’s desire? Husband said if I ever try to put mascara on Seb, he is taking the baby and leaving.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

How is this fair?! Sure, I can get a PRESCRIPTION for Latisse. “Eye redness/discomfort/itching/dryness or eyelid redness may occur.” Oh, and EYE STAINING, too. What? Why is this a thing? Who is actually writing scripts for this? Also, Restless Leg Syndrome. What? Really? GO FOR A WALK! I feel a Pointless Drug Rant coming on soon…)

Anyway… pumpkins, fall, family bonding… right.

It wasn’t until we got home that we realized he wasn’t just cranky about being cheated out of cool breezes, changing leaves, and all of the wonderful fall feelings we have been reading about in his fall themed books (I am a bit heavy handed in forcing this, I get it), but he actually had a fever, and was sick.

 101.5 Fever

Parenting right, FTW!

The doctor said he probably has a stomach virus, and then prescribed a kids probiotic.

Florastor Kids

I’ve never heard of this before. There are actual probiotic supplements… for kids? Doc says this will help his “very loose stool” in a day or two, and get him back into top shape. It’s over the counter, so I’m assuming its nothing too powerful, and I guess I’m happy they didn’t just slap a z-pack in my hands and call it a day, too. I’m just surprised by this. Probiotics for a virus… hmmm.

ANYWAY, back to my wonderfully fall themed and not at all wandering post…

Happy fall, ya’ll!

Scary Cookie Monster isn't gonna carve himself... Mostly scary how bad the art is.

Scary Cookie Monster isn’t gonna carve himself… Mostly scary how bad the art is.


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