Forget That “Summer Body!” Why Not Look Radiant in Winter?

By on 01/26/2017

Dry winter skinObsessing over the perfect summer body is easy to do when you’ve got tan skin, cute outfits, sun-kissed hair with natural highlights and enough sweat and humidity to keep your skin moisturized and perfect…

But just because winter means puffy clothes, dry hair, chapped lips and no sun for days, it doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing now!

Stop sulking in the winter blues just waiting for the warm weather… look great now!

Sometimes when you look better you feel better… so consider this revamping of the winter version of yourself some much needed therapy!

5 Steps to look radiant this winter!

  1. Stop ghosting. No, we don’t mean ignoring texts, we literally mean stop looking like a ghost. There are some amazing organic self-tanners available today that can take your face from snowy-pale, to bright, bronze and glowing (but not Cheetos orange!)
  2. Speaking of your face – you need to keep it moisturized, and we mean heavy-duty moisturizer. Choose a lighter face cream to apply in the morning, and then a heavier based night cream to apply before bed. face moisturizer
  3. Don’t ignore your hair and nails. Did you know the dry, cold winter air actually dries your hair and nails out at a faster rate than your skin? As a result your hair becomes brittle, frizzy and breaks and your nails become thin and also start to flake or crack. Boost their strength with a skin, hair and nails supplement that provides them with the proper nutrients to support their health and strength.
  4. Drink more… water that is! Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Specifically with water or with non-caffeinated teas. We know the cold winter months make warm drinks like mocha lattes, coffee with cream and sugar, or hot cocoa super desirable, but come on… you know they’re super bad for you. Yes, they pack on the weight, but also, the caffeine content actually dehydrates you! Trying to hydrate with coffee is like trying to fill a bucket with a giant hole! Drink water and non-caffeinated teas only. This will help support hydration from the inside out, as well act as a great detoxifier. The result? Smooth, non chapped skin and lips, shinier hair and stronger nails. no caffeine
  5. Go au-natural with your hair. In addition to great supplementation and proper hydration, stop blasting your hair with burning heat every day! Blow drying and flat-ironing your hair is a great way to send it straight to its grave, especially in winter! Are we saying go outside with wet hair? NO! That is also terrible for your hair, and a great way to catch a cold! Consider a 3rd choice – don’t wash your hair every day. Dermatologists and stylists now say daily shampooing is actually bad for your hair. Washing your hair every 2-3 days instead of every day will make it softer, stronger and healthier. Seriously, read all about it! It also means you will blast your hair with high heat way less often!

Imagine a glowing complexion, soft, supple skin, perfect hair, great nails and no more having to hide from the camera in fear of what you’ll look like!

5 simple steps is all it takes to stop the abuse of cold, dry air!

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