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By on 07/28/2016

When it comes to keeping your face fresh, young and vibrant looking, sticking to a great skin care routine is key!

But what exactly is a great skin care routine?

Of the thousands of products, tips, homemade masks, and 20 different ways to slap sliced cucumber on your face, WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS?

Truth be told, most skin rejuvenation products contain the same active ingredients (like peptides which stimulate collagen production and acts as an antioxidant). Whether they come as a cream, serum, mask, foam or whatever else is out there, so many facial anti-aging products are practically identical in ingredient content and thus also similar in expected results.

So then, what exactly is the main difference between most products promising beautiful skin? COST. PRICE. MONEY!peptide skin care

Listen, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean its more effective!! If two products contain the same type and amount of proven anti-aging ingredients, why the heck would you pay for the more expensive one? It’s best to just stick with a trusted and time-tested brand that is not only packed full of the current best anti-aging ingredients, but is also priced fairly. Seriously – Don’t burn money just because marketing hype has somehow convinced you that a higher price point equals superior quality; you are far too savvy for that old trick!

When it comes to anti-aging products, just stick with those that are effective both in beatifying your skin and protecting your wallet.

…With that rant being said, there is also the other important aspect of achieving beautiful, ageless skin: at home remedies and beauty routines!

Why? Because they work!

These are the best at-home skin care tips that we recommend you start doing immediately for better skin overnight:

First, don’t be gross and start washing your pillowcase weekly! Think about it… your pillow case collects dirt, dust, dander and oils from your face and hair night after night. It quickly builds up and if you don’t stay on top of that linen laundry then you are basically bathing your face in filth nightly – filth that clogs pores and makes your face grimy and dirty!

Second, don’t just care for your face in morning during or after your shower (where you should be applying a light weight moisturizer with SPF, and a wrinkle-busting serum of your choice). A nighttime routine is just as important! Your face spends the day with makeup on it, sweating when hot,and being exposed to UV rays from the sun as well as other environmental stressors. Every night you MUST cleanse your face to remove all makeup, dirt and grime. You should then apply a super strong moisturizer that will help replenish and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

Third, apply tea tree oil to any blemishes you have before you sleep… it will work to make them disappear by morning!

Finally, apply a weekly mask that combats aging skin naturally. Mix together 1 tablespoon of organic yogurt, 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon juice and 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder. Apply this mask to your face and let it dry. Wash off with a rough cloth which allows you to exfoliate while also cleansing. The lemon juice is a natural skin brightener and sandalwood powder works to naturally repair skin damage and promote new skin growth. The yogurt contains lactic acid which smooths and moisturizes the skin. Doing this weekly will keep your skin bright and healthy!anti aging face mask

Once you establish a great at-home skin care routine that combines the effectiveness of a few proven (but not overpriced!) facial products along with some easy home remedies, you will start to see amazing results almost overnight as your face sucks up all of its new moisture and nutrition… and then thanks you by becoming bright, tight, fresh, and smooth!


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