Give Yourself the Gift of NO Weight Gain This Holiday!

By on 12/07/2017
No holiday weight gain

holiday weight gainTis the season to stuff your face full of so many delicious foods and holiday treats while also drinking just a bit too much and having a merry old time!

… Until January 1st, when suddenly your pants no longer button and all your cute outfits now look as though they’re about to rip at the seams!

Honestly, who doesn’t struggle with weight gain during the holidays? With so many parties and cookie exchanges and baked goods and extra calories consumed in alcohol, it’s almost impossible to resist all of the holiday fun and snacking and keep your weight on track. 

While saying “no” to every calorie-dense holiday party or treat is probably, in fact, very impossible, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to at least slow down on the calorie inhalation or use some other tricks to keep that waistline in tact!No holiday weight gain

Here are our best tips on preventing weight gain this holiday season!

Exercise more. If you don’t want to gain weight, then calories in needs to equal calories out, plain and simple. If you know you will be attending a holiday bake-off, 5 dinner parties, hosting Christmas dinner and drinking heavily in between, well then your calorie count will obviously be going way up. Combat this by also upping how many calories you burn. Double your exercise times, or hit the gym, go for a run, or do yoga more times per week.

As an added psychological bonus, studies show those who put in the hard work of weight loss (ie – exercising harder) are less likely to blow it all away by gorging on food. So all this extra exercise will up your calorie burning, but will also help motivate you to not overeat at each holiday event.

Boost your metabolism. Help your body burn off more of the extra consumed calories by taking a natural metabolism-boosting supplement. Many studies confirm that green coffee extract is a great, healthy and natural way to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Hey, you know what else this would make? A great gift!

Change it up! If you plan on throwing a party, instead of making it food-centric, make it a Pinterest Party. Everyone brings supplies to make their favorite Pinterest-y holiday decor item and all guests work together to be creative and create holiday cheer… without the need for pie! Instead, serve simple and healthy finger foods and maybe have a low-calorie adult drink on hand. Everyone will have a great time, but overall food consumption will be far lower than if you were hosting yet another holiday dinner party.

Eat before you go to a party. Yes! Eat a healthy dinner at home, before you go out! First, you never know what foods you will find at a holiday event or new restaurant, and there may not be any healthy options to choose from! Additionally, if you arrive full, you’ll be less tempted to overfill your plate and overeat. no sweets

Wear a tight outfit. No, not to get attention but because a few studies have shown that if the outfit you are wearing is form fitting and perhaps even “digging in” to your waist while you sit, you will actually eat less! This is because you will be more constantly aware of your waist and your whole body and thus reminded that you don’t want to blow your weight goals on this one meal. Plus, this lets you use your natural human vanity in a positive way! If you are wearing a banging hot outfit, you are for sure going to eat less so no one can see you bloat up!

Pick a goal buddy. Choose a friend or someone else you know at a party and promise to keep each other accountable to sensible eating and drinking. Sit far from the food while socializing and encourage each other to stay strong!

The holidays really only last a few weeks, and while they are full of friends, fun and food… the weight that you can so easily put on during this time takes at least three times as long to burn off! Set yourself up for success January 1st by eating moderately, exercising more and doing what you can to prevent that dreaded holiday weight gain. You will still have an amazing holiday time, but you will not have any of the regret that comes with standing on that scale at the beginning of the new year!

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