Good Golly, Gallbladder Support!

By on 04/20/2017

The gallbladder is one of the smallest organs in your body, but it has the potential to cause big problems and bigger pain.

What does the gallbladder do?

While most people know that the gallbladder is an organ, very few actually know what its purpose is. The main function of the gallbladder is to assist in digestion by storing concentrated bile – the yellow-brown liquid that is created by the Liver. This bile is used to break down food in your stomach.

Sometimes though, the gallbladder can have issues, like gallstones, inflammation or even rupturing – all of which can have serious health consequences. 

Gallstones occur when cholesterol and other substances appear in the bile and then form hard stones. These stones can get stuck in the gallbladder or even travel to the small intestine and cause problems there. Symptoms of gallstones include indigestion, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and major cramping. Often these stones pass on their own (causing much pain) but sometimes they need to be surgically removed.

Gallstone Inflammation can be caused by stones, excessive alcohol use, infection and or tumors. These inflammation episodes can last from a few hours to a few days and usually cause severe pain. If diet and lifestyle changes are not made, the occurrence of these “attacks” usually increases.

A Gallstone Rupture is usually due to a blocked duct from a stone, infection or severe inflammation. A rupture can quickly lead to major life-threatening health complications like sepsis.

How to Keep Your Gallbladder Healthy

The gallbladder is important for aiding in healthy digestion, but if it falls into poor health, so will the rest of your body. Your best option is to avoid a major (and painful) health crisis by living a lifestyle that supports a healthy, perfectly functioning gallbladder.


Eating healthy and easy to digest foods is a powerful way to help an irritated gallbladder recover or keep a healthy gallbladder on track.

  • Eat foods rich in fiber.
  • Eat detox foods like beets, artichokes and your healthy greens.
  • Avoid refined and bad fats and aim for healthy unrefined fats instead, like coconut oil or olive oil as they put far less stress on your gallbladder.
  • Stay away from salty and fatty foods as they immediately put extra stress on the gallbladder.
  • Eating raw veggies provides your body with high amounts of water, electrolytes, antioxidants and fiber – all of which assist the liver in flushing the system.
  • Try a vegetarian diet, or to eat smaller portions of lean meat only. Studies show those who suffer with gallbladder problems and switch to a vegetarian diet have a better recovery rate and a lower rate of reoccurring issues.


Since gallbladder problems start at a cellular level, supporting it at a cellular level can offer fast and long term health. Taking a gallbladder specific supplement can bring relief in as little as 48 hours by dissolving and removing sludge, lithiasis, crystals and stones which obstruct the gallbladder and prevent the proper flow of bile. A proper supplement also enhances the production of bile salts that prevent new stones from forming.


Experts say that exercise can help reduce your risk of developing gallstones, regardless of your weight. Even a moderate amount of activity can be good for you and your gallbladder as exercise gives your body a boost at a cellular level, and also reduces cholesterol, which decreases the risk of stones building up in the gallbladder.

The perks to having a healthy gallbladder include faster digestion, less digestion discomfort and less weight issues. At the same time, an unhealthy gallbladder is just a painful medical emergency waiting to happen, so don’t neglect this tiny little organ! Support it so it can support you!

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