So I Guess CNN is Reading My Blog Now?

By on 12/18/2013
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Because I find it very hard to believe that on Monday I posted a question on whether or not I should start taking my vitamins again, and then this morning I see this tweet:

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I mean, REALLY?!? That right there is more than a coincidence! Clearly Wolf Blitzer is one of my 7 readers! (Ok, it has to be said. That is one of the most bad-ass names in history and I just Google-verified that it is in fact his birth name. Coolest parents ever, Wolf.)

Then! (Yes, there is more!) I kept scrolling down through my Twitter app (because I am Twitter-tarded and am very un-hip to the whole scene and only read through it every few days) and what do I see from just a day earlier? Why, another tweet!

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Once I picked my self off of the floor, I clicked the link and watched the snippet of Wolf’s video and then found the interview of Dr. Sanjay Gupta by Anderson Cooper. (The vitamin segment starts around the 1:54 mark.)

For those who don’t want to watch/read those two reports, here is my take-away summary:

An editorial published in The Annals of Internal Medical reported that after 3 very large studies it’s been found that healthy, well nourished adults see no added benefit to taking a daily multivitamin.

Each study had a placebo group versus a multivitamin group, and they found no significant difference in heart health, stroke or dementia.

A quote from the editorial summarized their findings by stating, “Most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided.”

It’s worth noting they did say taking a specific vitamin supplement to make up for a deficiency detected by a doctor does have an importance, specifically vitamin D or Folic Acid as a supplement during pregnancy.

Overall summary: If you are a healthy adult with a mostly healthy diet, a daily vitamin is most likely doing squat for you, other than taking money out of your wallet and turning your pee funny colors. Now if your daily caloric intake is made up of Coke, Little Debbie, and McDonald’s, you should probably disregard all of this and go shove vitamins down your throat immediately.

As for me? With the exception of my cookie habit, I eat pretty healthy. Cue my happy dance! ONE LESS HORSE PILL! I clearly have amazing instincts to have stopped taking them almost a year ago. Or I’m just lazy. But it actually worked in my favor for once! Hurrah!!

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