Breakfast, Your Most Important Meal of The Day

By on 01/05/2017

Healthy Breakfast Eggs AvocadoYou already know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The phrase is common for a reason – it’s true and everyone agrees!

So then, ask yourself this: what do you usually eat for breakfast? What did you eat today? Was it healthy, nutritious and full of all the right stuff to set your day up for success?

No? That’s OK, you’re not alone. Chances are you fall into one of two unhealthy but super popular groups of people; The Breakfast Skippers or The Breakfast Bingers.

You Breakfast Skippers are just too rushed, too tired, or too cranky and decide to skip breakfast (except coffee, no one skips coffee!) most days and probably tell yourself this is a good decision in the long run because it’s “less calories”… or is it? Studies have shown again and again that those who habitually skip breakfast end of eating more empty calories throughout the day to fight off their hunger, and because you skipped breakfast your metabolism slows down which means less calories burned!

Lesson: Don’t skip breakfast – it makes you hungrier, your will power weaker, your brain foggier and your metabolism slower.

Breakfast Bingers do eat, but you eat garbage. Waffles, pop-tarts, donuts, chocolate croissants, drive through breakfast sandwiches… all the worst things in the world. Listen, just because you’re eating something doesn’t mean you’re doing much good for your body. Empty carbs, fats and sugars pump you full of fat, spike your blood sugar and only fill you for a short time, causing cravings later on – sugary cravings because your body becomes hooked. bad breakfast

Lesson: Don’t eat empty calories for breakfast. No sugar, carbs or fatty foods!

The Best and Most Beneficial Breakfast

You absolutely do need to eat a healthy breakfast every morning! It is critical for maintaining your metabolism, health and energy. However, you have to choose the right healthy, fuel-filled foods. Those would be foods high in protein and fiber and low in empty carbs, fats and sugars.

The best breakfast examples include:

  • Raspberries over bran cereal with almond milk. This easy breakfast is low in empty carbs and fats but rich in fiber. The carbs in bran cereal are unrefined and thus slow releasing, which means no blood sugar spike, but you still get sustained energy.
  • Plain Greek yogurt with fruit and/or local organic honey. This delicious breakfast gives you a punch of protein and fiber and the local honey is great for allergy sufferers. They key is to buy plain Greek yogurt that hasn’t been filled with sugars and artificial flavors.
  • Fresh ground peanut butter (With no sugar added) and whole wheat toast. Nuts were named among the top 5 foods that Harvard researchers said promote weight loss in a recent study. Combine that healthy protein with whole wheat toast for a simple and easy breakfast that can even be eaten on the go.
  • Eggs. The opinion on eggs has changed once again as studies show eggs are actually a great choice for breakfast. They are packed with protein and contain the better kind of fats. Pair with avocado for maximum deliciousness.
  • Try a protein shake/smoothie. Vega Choc-a-lot Protein Smoothie mix blended with avocado, spinach, and almond milk is delicious but as you can see, also very nutritious. healthy breakfast smoothie

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and now you know there are many easy and quick ways to start your day off right. It’s still early in the New Year so why not try to make a simple change and commit to some healthy mornings?

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