Healthy Valentine’s Treats!

By on 02/08/2018

valentines dayThe day of chocolate everything is quickly approaching! Yes, Valentine’s day will be here next week!

Who decided that we should celebrate love with endless amounts of chocolate, cake, cookies and calories anyway?

The truth is, many men and women out there don’t actually want indulgent treats on Valentine’s Day!

Why? Because for many, there is no such thing as eating one little chocolate. Its the whole box or nothing! Eating healthy is a battle and we need all the help we can get to stay on track!

We now also know that sugar addiction is a real thing. So you may be killing it with your exercise and healthy eating game, but one slip up with a little sugary treat and your pleasure centers in your brain are all triggered. It will then be very, very hard to not fall off the healthy eating wagon and slip back into eating more sweets and losing all that momentum.

Instead of chocolate or other unhealthy gifts, try these healthy Valentine’s Day recipes instead:

  • “Chocomole” Pudding: Creamy avocados make this dairy-free and vegan chocolate dessert recipe super-rich. Serve as a not-so-sweet dessert or with strawberries for dipping.
  • Kale Brownies: Delicious and healthy brownies complete with super food kale as an ingredient.. but still tasty!!kale brownies
  • Chocolate Blueberry Clusters: These bite-sized treats will satisfy your sweet tooth with minimal sugar and a healthy serving of antioxidants.
  • S’mores Banana Ice Cream: In general, banana ice cream is a fantastic and healthy base for any recipe calling for ice cream… it is also delicious plain! This genius recipe combines the flavor of s’mores with the healthy ice cream alternative.
  • Chocolate covered fruit: You don’t need a link for this one. Slice up some of your favorite fruit and dip it in dark chocolate. Sweet, low in refined sugars, and loaded with antioxidants! Or, make a mix of your favorite fruits and sprinkle in some white-chocolate chips to add a modest sweet pot.

On the flip side, if you know you’re going to be jumping head first into that Valentine’s Day candy aisle (and maybe visiting it again on February 15 when its all 50% off), do yourself a favor and get another little treat for you: An easy and proven dietary supplement that will help you burn off all the extra calories while also pumping you full of super-foods. Yes, eating 100% clean is the best path to optimum health, but if you are like 99% of the rest of the world, you know you’re gonna cheat and may need some extra help along the way.

Finally, let’s not forget all the wonderful non-food gift ideas that your valentine might love too! If you’re looking to skip the tasty treats altogether, how about a spa day? Stuffed animal? Flowers? A handwritten love letter?

valentines flowers

Our point is, it doesn’t have to be food, and it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. If you know your Valentine is into health and wellness or is trying hard to improve their health, do them a favor and don’t give them pure sugar, which is the same as handing a pack of cigarettes to someone trying to quit!

… And if your Valentine ends up getting you irresistible, decadent and sweet gifts you just cant resist, may we suggest giving yourself the gift of burning off those calories faster with Supera Complete? Maybe you actually can have your cake and eat it too!

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