Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

By on 11/04/2013
Homemade Eye Makeup Remver Ingredients

I know it’s probably expected of me to make some kind of “look at my Halloween” post, but it was so low key it doesn’t even deserve its own entry.

Seb was a very enthusiastic Cookie Monster for a good 20 minutes, before the heat got to him inside of that full body, fleece jumpsuit (A+ for forward thinking on costume choice, self). Husband and I both committed a major party foul by forgetting to plan any kind of costume for us. This was our first trick or treating with a kid, we had no idea parents dressed up too (or is that just my over-zealous neighborhood?). Anthony was able to reuse an old Austin Powers costume, which kept nicely in line with the “sweat your ass off in thick blue fabric” theme. I, on the other hand, failed completely. 100% fail. I don’t even have one picture of me, and I’m honestly relieved. I wore a yellow dress, yellow knee-high socks, and stuck some yellow feathers in my hair. CLEARLY I was Big Bird, but also this was CLEARLY only obvious to me.

Please allow myself to indulge… myself into posting just one Halloween photo. It perfectly captures the tone of the evening once the heat set in.

Cookie Monster and Austin Powers

Minivan photo bombs courtesy of living in the ‘burbs baby, yeah!

Now, onward to my homemade eye makeup remover how-to guide of 2013! This is kind of on topic-ish, I promise.

You see, after our 20 minutes of trick or treating we decided to head home. I guess that option sounded more fun than going to the ER with a toddler suffering from heat exhaustion. We bathed the kid, tossed him in his crib, changed into our PJs and then promptly ate most of his candy (he’s 2! He’s not supposed to eat candy! He’ll never know! Shhhh!). You should also know hubby had, one day prior, just returned from a work trip that brought him half way across the globe for almost 2 weeks, and so he was jet lagged beyond all hope. This is my way of saying we fell asleep on the couch at the ripe old hour of 9:30pm. We woke up at some point and moved the party to our bed. I never took off any of my dramatic Big Bird eye makeup. Hey, if you can’t slap on a ton of makeup on Halloween, when can you? At least I didn’t go as Slutty Big Bird. (Yep. One curious Google search later and I can confirm it’s been done. That is a costume you can buy. Dear God..)

By morning my eyes looked terrible, as if that is any kind of shock. No worries, I’ll just grab some of my Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and wipe it right off.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Except, I was out. I completely forgot I ran out… uhh, sometime between June and now. I don’t know. I rarely wear make up, and I have the memory of a goldfish. OK, no biggie. I’ll just use some face lotion. I heard that works. Except, it didn’t. It removed some of the under-eye smudge and eye shadow, but not much else, and holy hell it also burned.

That’s when my brain finally woke up enough to have coherent thoughts and I realized, “Hey! My blog! I bet I can make an all natural, safe, easy, awesome eye make up remover.” I’ve been wanting to step away from processed things as much as possible, and this blog is supposed to chronicle those baby steps. And so I jumped onto Google and quickly found about 30 different homemade makeup removers. I clicked and read and clicked and read and referenced and Googled ingredients and finally decided on an Anna-friendly mix. It’s easy, inexpensive and comprised of natural ingredients.

I kept it simple and just used 3 parts:

  • Organic EVOO Olive Oil
  • Witch Hazel (astringent)
  • FILTERED Water

You’ll also need a bottle of some sort. I bought a cheap little bottle from Target for .97 cents and I DO NOT recommend it. When I tip it over to squeeze out some of the solution it leaks out of the lid at an alarming rate.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remver Ingredients

Filtered water, EVOO, witch hazel, bottle and tablespoon.

I am going to assume you know what Olive Oil is, but If you are like me then you don’t know a thing about witch hazel. Well, thanks to Dr. Google, I now do and am ready to impart such wisdom on you. Witch hazel is an extract that comes from the same-named shrub and is used as an astringent (shrinks body tissue and helps remove excess oils, but helps keeps moisture in skin). It dates back to the Native American Indians using it hundreds of years ago for inflammation, sores, bruises and even tumors. So basically, it comes from a bush and is awesome. For the third ingredient, it’s important to use filtered water to help keep the mixture uncontaminated.

There is no real chemistry here, so I think you can tinker with this recipe as you see fit. Add more olive oil if you want it to be more oily, or add more witch hazel if you want less oil.

I added equal parts of all, exactly 2 tablespoons of each ingredient. I like things easy, remember. Give it a good shake at the end to make sure it property resembles baby snot.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Voila! You just made your very own, natural, unpronounceable-ingredient-free, eye make up remover!

Here is where I get real humble and grovely. I took before and after shots of my eyes with my iPhone. I tried to get adequate lighting but these photos are all over the place. I blame my sleepiness and also that whole thing where I’m not a photographer and am still rockin a iPhone 4 (story for another day). These blurry shots are also very up close and personal, so please be kind to my forehead wrinkles and Harry Potter-ish forehead scar (I fell off of a bed I was jumping on with some friends in elementary school and landed forehead first into a TV).

Here is my lovely day-after-Halloween eye make up (after my feeble attempts to remove it with face lotion, WOW THAT WAS DUMB).

Before Remover Before Remover

Let’s DO THIS!

Removing MakeupJust my left eye done, for comparison.

Left Eye Done

And finally, da-ta-da-daaah!

Both Eyes Done

The damage: only 2 cotton balls.

Homemade Eye Makeup Rmover

So, how did it work? Honestly, it wasn’t as easy to remove my makeup as it is with the Neutrogena product I had before. It wasn’t terrible though, either. Everything came off very easily except for my mascara. That took a few pretty hard wipes but then it was gone. Another important point: it’s really oily, as you can see from my last photo! More than I expected. Maybe on my next batch I will use less oil, or more witch hazel. Yes, I said I will make a next batch. It was oily, but not enough to call this recipe a fail. It costs FAR less than any eye makeup remover product I’ve bought in the past, and I really like that its 3 natural ingredients. Also, I know olive oil is good for my skin, and when paired with the witch hazel I think it’s actually nourishing my under eye area. I’ve used it a few times now and my skin does honestly feel somewhat smoother around my eyes. Maybe its in my head, but maybe not!

One more fair warning: Some of it got into my eyes a few times when trying to get the mascara off, and while it didn’t hurt at all, it did make my vision cloudy for about a minute. It was nothing alarming, and my eyes never became red or irritated, but I still feel its worth mentioning.

So there you have it, Modern Health Project has completed it’s first actual, real project. I can now make natural, safe and easy makeup remover! Yay me!

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