How to Decrease Stress and Cravings and Increase Happiness

By on 02/16/2017

stressful lifeIs your life perfect and your health completely balanced? If so, good for you – now go away!

If not – welcome to the rest of us! Life is crazy, right? Work, kids, school, family, bills, hectic schedules, stress, deadlines, and the always fun unexpected flat tire, broken fridge and cracked cell phone.

Life is unpredictable and our schedules are overbooked.

What is the result? Most people report two major setbacks: poor eating habits and more anxiety/less happiness.

But can we have it all? Is there a way to stop surviving our current lifestyle and start thriving instead? Yes!

How to be busy, stay healthy, be happy

When we live a busy and stressful life, our body compensates often by craving bad foods. It helps act as a short-term stimulant and “upper.” Quick energy, but then a huge crash, with the added negative of weight gain. But when you’re busy, it’s also very hard to cook healthy, isn’t it? hectic life

And when you’re stressed, “hangry”, and not eating well, what else happens? Exhaustion, depression, moodiness, anxiety, and a general decrease in life satisfaction. That is no way to live!

You’re busy and you don’t have a lot of time, we get it.

Here are just a few simple and quick (but very effective) ways to reclaim your life!

First, get your supplementation under control. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress all become a vicious circle. Get them all under control with an all-in-one supplement that can improve digestions and kick start weight loss as well as control mood swings, stabilize stress and bring some happiness back to your life!Calm Life

Next, improve your nutrition any way you can. Chances are you’re not about to start cooking clean meals from home every night of the week. You’re too busy! But eating takeout, drive through, and other high fat, high carb foods will do you no favors. Try to meet in the middle. Can you cook one healthy meal in bulk one day a week and then portion it out? What about at least shopping at an organic grocery store and looking for quick-cooking foods that are at least organic and whole? Many of these grocery stores also have a prepared food section that sells many healthy and delicious cooked and ready to go meals for less that the cost of eating out! These small nutritional changes can make a big difference.

Finally, you hear it all the time, but it’s true: get moving. Exercise! We don’t mean join a gym you can’t afford and don’t have time for. What we mean is simply move more. If you sit at a desk all day, your body is screaming for movement. Walk more. Walk during your lunch break. Climb stairs if you can. Park at the end of the parking lot. Go for a post-dinner walk (also great for digestion!). Movement does a few amazing things for you: it’s a natural stress burner, it releases endorphins which are basically happiness hormones, and it can help aid in weight loss.

That’s it. 3 very simple changes that won’t overwhelm you, but will set you off on a great path back to weight loss, health and happiness! If you get yourself an amazing supplement that supports weight loss and mood stabilization, eat just a little bit better to help your goal even more, and then exercise to top it all off, your body and mind will do a 180!

More happiness means more motivation, which means more good decisions, which means more weight loss and less stress, which means more happiness… and the cycle to wellness takes off!


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