Is Resveratrol Really A Life Extender?

By on 11/19/2015

Let’s face it, none of us enjoy the concept of growing old. It is however, inevitable so many of us have adopted the attitude of “growing old gracefully”. This in itself is no easy task. When you consider all of life’s hurdles that seem to age us quicker than our years, then it is no wonder that when something like Resveratrol comes along, that we find ourselves forming a keen interest. This is especially true when products like Malemega and Revetrin are available that may hold the key to the future for being healthy and vibrant and looking mighty good as we enter into those golden years.

Overall it would seem that women tend to accept the fact that they have to deal with aging a little easier than the male gender does. Most likely because the male sees himself as having to fulfill the macho role and aging certainly detracts from this. Many guys really take great pride in both their looks and how they feel and this is why Malemega, that is comprised of Resveratrol, along with some other very important components is gaining such attention. Then there are also products like Revetrin that are touting the same benefits but only in a more potent form.

What is Resveratrol?

As you can guess it probably comes from some form of plant compound, which it does, and these are called polyphenols. Resveratrol is found in peanuts and berries and particularly in the skin of red grapes. Now before you rush out and start buying these food items by the pound, you need to read on and gain a little more information about this.

Most men and women, aside from looking healthy want and need to feel healthy. When they don’t, they often think this is because they are aging, unless there is a direct medical cause. Resveratrol is being indicated as being loaded with antioxidants that help prevent illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. As with many different types of foods, we sometimes cannot consume enough of them to really reap the benefits of what they have to offer. This is where supplements come into the picture. Malemega does not only contain the important ingredients like Resveratrol in the dosage that the average male requires, but also contains many other important components.

Most men not only want to feel good, they need to look good and this where Malemega can be just what they are looking for. In fact, some male fitness experts are now recommending Resveratrol to be used as a supplement for male fitness. They are indicating it helps to promote endurance. It also helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system which is a must for good health and to allow for proper training and exercise. It is also being shown that Resveratrol is beneficial for the eyesight. Malemega is being promoted for a testosterone boost. It has the ability to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen which plays a role in males as they age.

Resveratrol success in helping to slow down the aging process in men, all boils down to its antioxidant capabilities. Revetrin is also another product that has great value when it comes to slowing down many of the ailments that can occur in the male as they age, as well as help to preserve their vitality.

Basically as the body ages the cells are oxidizing. These oxidized cells turn into free radicals which in turn attack the healthy cells of the body. It is a fact of life that we cannot turn back time, but with Resveratrol we may be able to slow down time in that it slows down the oxidization process.

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