Leave One Gift Behind this Holiday: Extra Weight

By on 12/22/2016

The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is actually nothing… give yourself the very rare but very desired gift of NOT gaining any weight!

The truth is, when it comes to this time of year there are a few things we can rely on: parties, food, fun and an ever-tightening waist band.

Why do we always gain weight over the holiday?

Great question! Simple answer:

  • Its winter, so we eat more. Blame it on genetics. Studies show we are hard wired to crave heartier foods during winter. Many attribute this to our ancestors need to gain weight and carry extra fat in order to stay warm and safe during the cold months. Fun fact: this is no longer needed for survival, so no, this is not a valid excuse for a second slice of pecan pie.
  • It’s the nature of the season. We attend so many holiday parties. We bake treats and give them as gifts. So much celebration is centered around food and drinks, and our desire for a great time means we are less likely to hold onto our diet goals or listen to our voice of reason telling us to put the Christmas chocolates down already!
  • It’s the change in routine. Many of us tend to take time off work and spend our days celebrating family and friends and spreading holiday cheer. This change in routine also means we are less likely to stick to any exercise routine we have.

Basically, we have a perfect storm that forms just after Halloween: cold weather + decadent holiday meals, desserts  and drinks + less exercise = “OMG! How have I gained 15 pounds???gaining weight over the holidays

The post-holiday January weigh-in is painful for us all… So let’s try something different this year!

Let’s get a head start on 2017 and say “no” to that extra holiday weight.

You can maintain your current weight or even *gasp* lose weight this holiday season by attacking from two angles:

  1. Burn off that extra fat – Accept that some additional calories will be consumed and your routine will change slightly. So combat these changes with a proactive approach like taking a proven, concentrated and quick acting weight loss supplement like Green Coffee Thin. Not only will it help prevent extra pounds from sticking, it may even help you shed weight, meaning you’ll ring in the New Year as a new, skinnier you! Even if you just add these supplements to your routine for just a few months, the results can be astounding – no weight gain over the holidays! A true Christmas miracle!
  2. Reduce calorie intake – Yes, it’s the holidays… celebrating is a must! But that doesn’t mean throwing away all of your hard work, dietary knowledge and weight goals out the window! Indulge in a few extra bites of delicious food or sweets, but don’t over do it. Remember that it only takes a few big meals to put a pound on, but it takes weeks of hard work to properly lose it! Get an accountability partner to help you stay on track with your goals, and eat a healthy snack before heading off to social events, so you won’t be starving and thus willing to eat 7 tacos and deep fried Oreos. Just make wise choices and remember that extra calories won’t make you any happier, but extra weight will make you feel pretty down!

When you combine wise choices with a potent weight loss supplement you can actually achieve the impossible – a great holiday season with no weight gain!

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