Losing Weight for Those Special Occasions

By on 05/18/2016

Just about every survey ever reveals that a vast majority of adults wish they could lose some weight. Some just want to shed a few extra pounds while others are seeking to battle a lifetime of obesity and have lofty weight loss goals.

Did you know that regardless of whether someone is seeking to drop 5 pounds or 50, the biggest road block is the same? Time and motivation.

Said differently, everyone would love to lose some amount of weight, but when it comes to it, rarely does anyone carve out the proper amount of time in their busy schedule week after week to actually make it happen.

As you keep telling yourself, “Next week I will get myself on track!” time marches on and before you know it, you are staring at the calendar and realizing that Big Important Special Occasion is right around the corner. The important day you just knew you would have lost the weight by. Now you are stuck.

You need to lose weight for that special occasion, but you have no time to do it.

If only you could exercise in your sleep right?

exercise in your sleep

Well, that may be impossible, but you can use a few simple tricks to quickly drop at least a few pounds before that big birthday, holiday party, wedding, or other special occasion where you just want to show up in your killer dress looking your absolute best.

  • First, you do actually need to get the proper amount of sleep. At least 7 hours is needed to keep your body well rested, which reduces cortisol levels, increases metabolism and helps regulate hunger.
  • Additionally, you should start taking a weight loss supplement that actually does help you lose weight while your sleep. It’s about as close as you can get to exercising while you snooze. Because this type of weight loss supplement uses natural ingredients like melatonin and passion flower it also offers a second perk: it enhances your quality of sleep as well. So you are burning more fat while also getting more quality sleep. Goodbye insomnia! Hello weight loss! Win-win!sleep for better weight loss
  • Another quick weight loss trick is to cut out carbs and salt, and double your water intake a few days before your big event. This helps your body reduce bloating, flush toxins and stop water retention which helps you drop inches quickly.
  • Finally, and this is for real – DON’T start exercising like crazy! If you are not currently following an exercise routine, don’t suddenly jump on the treadmill and force yourself to do cardio until you pass out in hopes of dropping a few last minute pounds. Doing this will actually cause you to GAIN weight as your body will go into a shock-like state and start hoarding calories, retaining water and swelling.

Yes, you read this right! When you are doing the last minute “weight-loss cram” before your big event, DON’T suddenly start exercising like crazy! Instead, get quality sleep, take a weight loss supplement that actually burns fat while you are sleeping, cut carbs and salt, increase water intake and finally – after your big event, consider sticking to this regimen just a bit longer. You may just keep dropping some pounds and before you know it a few days can turn into a few good weeks and then a few good months of quality weight loss – ultimately getting you to your dream body!





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