Making Smart Choices When Dining Out

By on 06/13/2016

weight loss dining outNo matter how well you may cook and eat at home, you have to make smart food choices when eating out as well.

Two terrible things can happen when you chose to eat out and splurge for the giant burger with extra greasy fries and a milkshake to accompany such gluttony:

  1.  It breaks any good habits you may have gotten into and breaks your willpower instantly.
  2.  It adds up, because the average American eats out or orders take-out 5 times a week! That is 5 meals a week that can be setting you back on your weight loss goals.

So how do you balance eating what you love at your favorite places with also wanting to lose weight, be healthy and make smarter food choices?

As with most things in life, small steps over longer periods of time can equal huge results. You just have to stick with it!

Try these 5 small, easy changes to your dining out habits to see big results in your weight loss goals and overall health.

smart choices dining out

If you know your schedule ahead of time, and know where you’ll be dining out, look up their menu online and find the healthiest options. Pick one and then COMMIT TO IT by telling a friend or someone you are dining with that you will be ordering the grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side and not the extra large cheesey-beefy nachos with a side of regret. Not only will you not be caught off guard by the menu when you arrive, you will have publicly committed to a healthier dining option which will make you far more likely to stick to it.

Right as you sit down, before hunger sets in while waiting for your meal, tell your waiter not to bring any bread, chips, nuts or other snacks to your table. You may tell yourself over and over that you will not eat that bread, but once you are hungry and it is sitting there in front of you, chances are you will cave in and eat it all.

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Forego drinking. Not only are wine and beer full of carbs and empty calories, alcohol actually slows your metabolism for 3 days after drinking. 3 days of burning less calories! Order water or unsweetened tea instead – both of which actually hydrate your body and boost your metabolism. Yes drinking is fun, and once you hit your goal weight you should enjoy a night of celebrating, but until then alcohol is your weight loss enemy!

If you are in a city, try walking to and from the restaurant instead of driving or taking public transportation. If you are in the ‘burbs, choose restaurants that have malls or other safe and fun walking areas near by. Walking before you eat revs up your metabolism, increases your heart rate and releases endorphins that actually perk you up and lift your spirits – making you more likely to stay motivated to make smarter dining choices. Walking after your meal aids in digestion, reduces bloat, keeps your metabolism up and helps burn a few extra calories.

A final tip that shouldn’t need mentioning but we will anyway: don’t order dessert! Seriously now… don’t undo all the good you just worked so hard for by ordering dessert!smart choices eating out Tell yourself you will get dessert later – when your clothes fit the way you want and your body no longer jiggles that way you don’t want! Until then, stick with your goals and make smarter dining choices in addition to cooking healthy at home and getting out and getting active as much as you can! Pair these healthy decisions with an industry shattering new weight loss method and you will be doing your happy dance on your scale before you know it!

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