Meal Prepping Can Make Your Life So Much Easier… and Your Waist Thinner!

By on 07/07/2016

Meal Prepping Weight LossListen, if you have enough time (and mental energy!) to prepare delicious home-cooked meals that support healthy eating every night – not only do we salute you, but we also kind of want to be you! You must live an amazing, stress-free life…

For the rest of us, healthy eating and cooking nightly isn’t just a burden on our schedule, it’s downright impossible!

With more women than ever now returning to full time jobs after having kids, modern work-life demands, playing taxi to take the kids to all their schools, camps, practices and play-dates, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and simply surviving a crushing daily schedule… a healthy, home-cooked meal is just not going to happen.

Most of us have maybe 30 minutes to get something on the table for everyone to eat. What are the chances of that being a healthy meal that supports good eating habits and weight loss? Close to zero.

So what solution do most of us come up with?

…Processed, frozen foods! Take-out! Delivery! Drive-thrus!Proccessed dinner

Are these the best answers? Of course not, and you know it! But it doesn’t stop you when you are hungry, tired, and have no time to cook, does it?

There is a better way…

Meal prepping can make your life easier and your waist thinner!

So, what is meal prepping?

It’s cooking for the week ahead of time on a day you are actually free (for just a few hours) to cook, in advance, every meal needed for those upcoming busy days!

It greatly benefits those who are very pressed for time during the week and often find themselves fumbling at dinner time, as well as those who are trying hard to lose weight, but just can’t seem to get cooking healthy dinners to become a habit.

All you need is plenty of storage containers, room in your fridge and freezer, and some time just ONE DAY a week to plan recipes, shop for food and then cook smarter (not harder!).Meal-Prep-Containers

Here are some great ideas on how to meal prep on your day off so you can eat healthy (and save money and calories!) all week long:

  • Cook a pot of healthy chicken soup, and then portion it out. Freeze it until the night you need it! A quick thaw on the stove gets you an easy, healthy dinner full of super food veggies! Many chefs actually argue that soup tastes better after it has been frozen and thawed… try it!
  • Speaking of veggies – for Meatless Mondays, consider prepping a hearty salad in advance. Chop all your veggies and stick them in a Ziploc bag. Chop your lettuce (or kale – an amazing super food) and do the same.  Prep some garbanzo beans or black beans as a protein and you are good to go! You can also top your salad with crushed walnuts – another great super food! Imagine how much better a Monday would be if, when you finally get home, you know your dinner is practically ready and just requires a quick mixing of pre-prepped ingredients.  
  • Cook two meals at once! Prepare your favorite healthy crock pot meal, stick it in the pot and start cooking. While its crocking away, season and grill some lean chicken breasts, peppers, onions and zucchini on the side. This gets you two delicious meals at once!
  • Double your recipes. Whatever you are making, consider doubling the recipe to make twice as much. Portion it out, and then freeze what you won’t need for that week, and plan to use the rest of it down the road. Most frozen meals stay good for 4-6 months, so you’ve basically just helped your future self out even more by meal prepping twice with one cooking session.
  • When it comes to eating well for weight loss, in addition to committing yourself to healthy meals all week long by prepping ahead, you can also incorporate an easy weight loss supplement to quickly and easily double your efforts. Hey, if you already have a delicious meal cooked and ready to go, why not take a fat-burning superfood super-pill and double-down on your efforts?super foods for weight loss

By meal prepping ahead of time…when you actually have some time… not only will your week run so much smoother, your stress levels drop,  your wallet will save some cash, and your meal quality increases… you will also discover this is actually a great way to lose weight!

Commit to meal prepping for one month (that means only actively prepping and cooking 4 days total!) and track your results! You will most likely become an instant convert! Once you become a pro don’t forget to email us your best tips so we can share your wisdom!

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