Myth busters – Summer Fun Edition

By on 07/17/2017

summer funThis post is dedicated to all those fun-killing summer myths that are shockingly still widely believed today!

We may not know the origin of a lot of this bad advice, but rest assured – the following myths are not to be believed!

Read on, as some are very important to your health!

Popular Summer Myths – Busted!

Myth #1: Wait 30 minutes after eating before going swimming.

This myth is rooted in the idea that after a big meal, your digestive system requires more blood to function, which means your arms and legs get less blood and may somehow stop working while swimming. The truth? You (or your kid’s) body has more than enough blood to support the entire body, even after eating a huge meal. Don’t make the kids suffer! let them jump in after eating!

swimming after eating

Myth #2: You don’t need to apply sunscreen if you’re outside on a cloudy day.

Even on a cloudy day, up to 80% of the sun’s rays still come through and can burn your skin. If you are going to be outside for more than 15 minutes, always apply sunscreen to your face and exposed skin to reduce the risk of sun damage. Also remember, on cool or windy days you can still burn! Just because you don’t feel the heat of the sun doesn’t mean you’re not being exposed.

Myth #3: If you don’t fully dry off before going inside, the air conditioner will give you a cold.

This myth has been around since the invention of the air conditioner. In fact, in many countries (including some hot ones!) many people still refuse to use air conditioner because they believe it will make their whole family sick. The truth is just because you feel cold, doesn’t mean you’ll actually catch one!

Myth #4: Bears/sharks/other scary animals are attracted to women on their period. 

Nope. Not true! Studies from the National Park Service have shown this myth to be false. In fact, animals are not attracted to any one human bodily fluid more than others. It’s still wise to be safe and remember to not wear perfumes, scented sprays or use scented hygiene products as these smells can trick animals into thinking you are delicious smelling food.

Myth #5: An iced coffee with refresh and rehydrate you on a hot summer day. 

Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it causes your body to eliminate more water. It actually works to dehydrate you, not rehydrate. If you are hot and sweaty you need to drink water, end of story. Coffee or other caffeinated beverages (like iced teas or energy drinks) may taste good and feel cold going down, but they will dehydrate you which can be very dangerous in the summer heat!

iced coffee

Myth #6: It’s OK to pee in the pool because the chlorine will eliminate it. 

Please no, do not pee in any pool! This myth is false! When urine mixes with chlorine it actually creates chemical by-products which, if high enough if quantity, can cause issues like irritations, rash and infections on open sores. Fun fact: researchers estimate the average backyard pool has 2 gallons of urine in it. Gross!

Myth #7: Eating garlic will keep mosquitoes away.

Just because humans think garlic is stinky and want to stay away doesn’t mean bugs feel the same way! Studies confirm the smell of garlic does not affect mosquitoes at all! Because they carry various viruses, it’s best to use an actual mosquito repellent to ensure your safety.

garlic to repell moquitoes

Myth #8: Swimming also counts as a shower.

While you may feel clean after a dip in the pool, you’re not. Pools are full of bacteria and chemicals that, if not rinsed off, can cause skin irritations, ear infections and even digestive trouble if swallowed. Think about it – most people do not shower before getting in the pool, so all their deodorant, lotion, and other chemicals go in the water too, along with all the bacteria on their body. Pool chemicals keep the water safe to swim in, but it’s still best to rinse off after.

There you have it. So many popular myths (many probably passed down to you from your own childhood) that are just flat out false. Now you can be the hero at the next pool party by telling all the kids to jump right in after a meal!

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