Natural Flu Fighting Drink?

By on 12/13/2013
Natural Flu Remedy?

Ya’ll, I need to ask for some grace here. First, for just saying “ya’ll” and second for the fact that there is a good chance this post is going to be pretty wonky, for tis the season for the flu bug! I, the ever present parent, am determined to participate in all things Seasonal, and therefore have contracted what I’m guessing is the Christmas flu. Scratchy throat, headache, body aches, limbs trying to break off in retreat causing all joints to throb. Exhaustion. Crankiness.

Hubby is still on his business trip, so its just me all up in this parenting business. I have, of course, done what any respectable mom would do in this situation; put on re-runs of Thomas and Friends and hope Seb’s extra cranky mood is based on his dissatisfaction with my momming, and not his own little body turning on him.

This morning I was curled up on the couch, trying to inject enough coffee into my system to be semi-functional and scrolling through Facebook when I saw a friend had shared this photo:

Natural Flu Remedy?

Well pour me out and call me buttermilk. I had to go to the store anyway as the child was out of bananas and no one wants to see what happens when Seb does not get his BAH. NUN. AHH! Lemons and pineapple juice are right next to bananas. This was doable with minimal added effort.

I have no idea who you are, Dave Sommers, but I’m about to test this little promo image of yours.

Thy humble ingredients. (Imagine honey is in this photo, too. So sorry my flu-ish brain didn’t get it all perfect for you, Pinterest people!)

Flu Juice Ingredients

No, its not a glass bottle. Sue me. I am an *aspiring* hippy, remember? I have yet to start my mason jar collection. You may revoke my Whole Foods card if you wish.

Squish, mince and glop garlic into my cancerous plastic pitcher. If you are currently thinking how stupid I am for doing this, may I suggest you take a good look a Seb’s face in that 3rd photo down there? He’s right there with you. Good lord, the judgement of a 2 year old can be intense!

Minced Garlic

Dodge toddler stare and let out all your crankies on a mound of lemons. Just watch your eyes.

Fresh Squeezed Lemons

3 cups o’ pineapple juice.

Pineapple Juice

Sweet, sweet honey. Nectar of the bees. Mmmm.


*Umm. Errr. Here is where you need to get all creative and imagine the greatest photos you’ve ever seen, which happen to be of me adding cayenne pepper and powdered ginger to this anti-flu juice.*

Shaken, not stirred, baby:Shake and Serve

Suck it up and try it!

Flu Juice Taste Test

You guys. This stuff actually tastes… good! But also? Spicy! The honey feels great on my throat which is needed because the cayenne BURNS LIKE HELL ON A SORE THROAT.

Also, if you ever want to try this, be a better person than me and mince the hell out of the garlic. I did a half assed job and was rewarded with chunks ‘o garlic in my mostly tropical tasting drink. Not so good, ok?

Here is where I’m going to phone this in because CRANKY. MEH. TIRED. I looked into why these ingredients are so “flu fighting special super foods of health and greatness.” I’d usually do my best to try and report my learnin’s much more cohesively but I don’t wanna right now. So there.

Pineapple Juice: Provides body with a ton of vitamin C and also reduces the acidity in the stomach. Also contains bromelain, an anti-inflammatory.

Lemon Juice: Has Vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties that help fight off any developing infection in the throat. Also breaks up phlegm (man, that’s gotta be my most favorite word to spell).

Garlic: Has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, probably due to it containing hard to spell things like oligosaccharides, arginine-rich proteins, selenium, flavonoids and allicin (a sulfer containing compound). Good lord I am not looking into each of these things individually right now. Internet promises they all help fight free radicals, infections, bacteria, viruses, parasites and keep away Justin Bieber.

Honey: Moistens and coats sore throat providing temporary relief. Also an antioxidant and antimicrobial. Also yummy.

Cayenne Pepper: Contains capsaicin which increases blood flow and stimulates mucus secretions which helps clear the nose/sinus cavaty. Also has vitamin A and is an antioxidant (is it just me or is EVERYTHING an antioxidant these days?).

Ginger Powder: Treats nausea, contains gingerols which have anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates circulation. Also about 1 billion other health promoting properties, apparently. Geez ginger, why such an overachiever?

There you have it. Other than the garlic glops it’s a very tasty little flu fighter, so I’m going to keep drinking it and see how I feel tomorrow. Hubby gets home tomorrow. I just need to make it till then.

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