Natural Remedies for Digestion Problems

By on 06/14/2018

gut microbiomeWe all experience troublesome digestive problems every now and then, either due to virus or bad sushi, but according to statistics, chronic (meaning long lasting and reoccurring) digestive troubles are on the rise for all ages.

The emerging evidence as to the importance of gut health and why our society’s digestive health is slowly degrading is a very big deal and cannot be ignored!

It has now become universally accepted in the scientific community that there is a direct connection between our gut and our brain. In fact, they are now calling our gut the “second brain!”

Within our gut exists a vast neural network and an entire microscopic world of bacteria, both good and bad. This world is scientifically referred to as our microbiome, and it is probably larger than you expect: 2-6 pounds! This miniature ecosystem contains trillions of various types of bacteria. They support gut health, immunity and help synthesize dietary fiber and vitamins used by your entire body.

Additionally, the neural network within your gut has upwards of 100 million neurons, second only to the brain. This network does not reason like the brain does, but emerging research shows it does have a large effect on feelings and mood!


However, your gut is very sensitive and can easily be unbalanced when the good bacteria are not property supported and there is an overgrowth of detrimental microbes.

When your gut is out of balance, your risk for IBS, Type 2 Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, polyps,  bloating and so many other issues skyrocket. Your mood can also destabilize and depression becomes a serious risk. 

Unfortunately, many other studies are revealing that our poor diets laden with preservatives, chemicals and genetically modified foods are having a massive negative effect on our microbiome, thus increasing overall gut health problems among all populations.

How to Encourage A Happy Gut

  • As you can only imagine, the foods you put into your body have a massive influence on your gut and digestive health! It is highly advised to avoid processed foods, artificial additives like fructose and sorbitol, fatty foods and foods high in sugar. It is also important to avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Instead, start each day with a glass of warm lemon water to help hydrate and cleans your digestive tract. Be sure to eat plenty of fiber-rich foods, food with probiotics (like yogurt, kombucha and Kimchi), and do not over eat.colon health
  • It is also important to exercise daily as this helps increase blood flow to the digestive tract and encourages healthy digestion.
  • Staying hydrated is also key. Drinking 8 glasses of just water and/or decaffeinated tea a day is the best way to keep hydrated. These options hydrate and provide antioxidants whereas choices like juices, coffee and caffeinated tea will give you too much sugar, artificial ingredients and caffeine, which is a diuretic (meaning it causes water loss in your body).
  • Most importantly, to combat your inevitable exposure to gut destroying additives, toxins, stress, etc, it is highly advised to cleanse your colon regularly. An all-natural colon cleansing formula like Restora Cleanse works to remove waste and toxin build up in the colon, hydrate the intestines and colon and helps restore good digestive flora to balance gut health.

As Oprah says, we want you to live your best life! Head over to Restora Cleanse now and use code MHP15 at check out to get 15% off! We know how important gut health is, and we want you to benefit from a clean colon and happy gut so you can support your “second brain!”


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