New Product Review: Wonderlift Serum by Vikki LaMOTTA

By on 06/28/2016

Wonderlift Serum Vikki LaMOTTAWe are long overdue for a new product review, so to make it up to you, this is a good one! We promise!

The new and improved Wonderlift Serum by Vikki LaMOTTA… They claim to have over 10 million users who swear by this anti-wrinkle product! Yeah… that is a lot.

So, is that claim true? Is this anti-wrinkle serum really so amazing its been able to honestly capture over 10 million users? Or is it just marketing hooey? Let’s find out!

First, what is the intended use of the Wonderlift Serum by Vikki LaMOTTA?

This serum says it offers a dramatic reduction in facial wrinkles in mere minutes when applies to those problem facial areas by harnessing the power of peptides. It is designed to quickly and drastically reduce the visible signs of aging by reducing forehead wrinkles, smile lines, crow’s feet, sagging skin, enlarged pores and any other unwelcome fine lines that may be making an appearance on your face.

So how exactly did we go about reviewing this product?

Well, the directions say:

Apply a very small amount to clean skin with fingertips and smooth over wrinkles on forehead, around eyes or any other problem areas. Do not rub. Allow to dry thoroughly. May be used morning and evening or as needed. Do not use on eye lids. If contact with eyes should occur, flush with cool water.

…and that is exactly what every woman that is a part of this Modern Health Project product review did. We applied morning and evening, and then observed, scrutinized and took enough notes to prove us all to be true nerds at heart.

What exactly were we looking for when testing out the Wonderlift Serum?product testing

Irritation: Did our skin become, red, itchy, irritated, flaky or start to develop blemishes?

Honestly… NO! No one reacted negatively. (In fact, this humble author admits to having the most sensitive skin… I brokenheartedly toss out many beauty products because my temperamental skin votes “no” by way of dry, itchy skin and follow-up breakouts just to really drive home its point.)

Application: Did it apply easily, with a pleasing scent and texture, without any immediate or eventual uncomfortably?

Not only did this serum apply well, we also discovered a small drop goes such a long way! We learned early on that less is more when it comes to the Wonderlift Serum. A small drop was enough to lightly cover problem wrinkle areas. It applies smoothly and does not leave a thick, heavy or caked on feel. The problem with many wrinkle serums on the market today is just that – the feeling that you just applied Elmer’s Glue onto your face. Well, we are happy to report this is not a problem with Vikki LaMOTTA’s anti-wrinkle serum.

As far as negatives go, we had 2 in this category. One of our gals got a pump that was almost impossible to work. Was it just a random malfunction of that one bottle? Maybe? But it’s worth noting in the off chance that perhaps there is an entire batch of bad pumps out there. The second issue is one reviewer said she did not enjoy the scent of this serum. While it wasn’t exactly nauseating, she felt it could have been way more pleasing.

Considering Vikki LaMOTTA has a year-long money back guarantee with “no questions asked” it’s easy to assume if you encounter either of these issues, you will have little trouble exchanging your bottle or getting a refund if the smell makes you want to yak (you may also want to take a pregnancy test! Just sayin…).

Cost: How does this product compare in price to others available on the market?

Some other popular anti-wrinkle serums include:

  • Clinique’s Smart™ Custom-Repair Serum: Retails for $60.
  • Estee Lauder Perfectionist Cp+r Wrinkle Lifting Firming Serum: Retails for $90.
  • Algenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum from Sephora: Retails for $156.
  • Vikki LaMOTTA Wonderlift Serum: costs all of $30! …And if you buy from their website you can get them cheaper if you order 3 or more. So it’s actually amazingly affordable. This may be due to the fact that Vikki LaMOTTA sells a bunch of products at good ol’ Walmart, meaning they are priced to sell. Perhaps they haven’t yet caught on to the fact that this serum is truly better than some high end brands (like Clinique) and they could easily charge much more. We won’t tell them if you don’t!greatdeal_3

Finally, the biggest question… DOES IT WORK?

The biggest question gets the shortest answer: YES!

We have all been pleasantly surprised by how well the Wonderlift Serum works. Once you apply it to your crows feet, smile lines, forehead or other problem areas, you can almost actually see it working. Your face starts to feel a bit tighter and when you smile, you’ll suddenly notice something strange – FAR LESS WRINKLES! Imagine that! Something so easy. No needles, no surgeries, no major procedures, commitment or risks of any kind  – and yet you get almost immediate results after a very thin application that lasts all day!use wonderlift serum instead


This serum is so amazing, and they may just be telling the truth that over 10 million people use Wonderlift Serum! In fact, we can now say that number is 10 million and 7, considering every woman here at MHP is now a convert!

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