FEATURE ARTICLE: You Don’t Have to Look Old

You Don’t Have to Look Old

Stress, environment and poor lifestyle all do major damage to our skin.

Even with a proper diet, these things can easily make us look older than we actually are.

Thankfully, we don’t have to show it – advancements in cosmetic surgery and skincare have done wonders for our appearance, but at what cost?

Women today want healthier, brighter and smoother skin, and we want to do it without expensive products and risky medical procedures.

But with all of the claims online, it is easy to lose hope in believing that there is actually something that works.

What the Cosmetic Agencies Aren’t Telling You

Cosmetics are not the solution!

Have you noticed that the skincare aisle in your drugstore is getting bigger? It’s because they do not work. Companies keep creating more products because they know you will keep looking for a solution.

American women spend hours in stores trying to find the right product to make them look younger. It’s true, some of these scrubs and creams provide a temporary or even moderate improvement in appearance, but they do not slow the effects of aging.

Ceramides are the Secret

Recent research into the skin has revealed that ceramides are primarily responsible for the health and youthful appearance of our skin. We all have them. They are natural lipids made up of fatty acids and amino alcohols located deep within our skin. The problem is; they decrease as we age.

Cosmetic agencies have used their knowledge of these compounds to create ultra-moisturizing cosmetics, and anti-aging creams. Using a plant-based version called phytoceramides, they are able to create elixers that make our skin tighter and brighter. It works because the natural plant lipids imitate our skins’ ability to create a healthy glow and texture. While these products work better than those that do not contain phytoceramides, they do not reach the part of the skin where ours live. For that reason, the results are often temporary.

Plants hold the key to our health

Phytoceramides are one of many phytochemicals known to improve the human body. They work to protect our body and help it work better.

“Think of phytochemicals as this all protective field at the cellular level, guarding and protecting yourself against all the various things that can harm it”

The good news is — we can now directly improve the natural function of our skin with the help of supplements containing these same healthy, skin strengthening phytochemicals.

The beauty trick from Asia

Phytoceramide supplements are already popular in Japan, and have been used to get rid of wrinkles, chronic dry skin and age spots. These women have enjoyed the beauty-secret that skincare and cosmetic companies have not shared with us- that wheat extract is a solution for healthy looking skin

By taking regular supplements of wheat-extract, not only can we look younger, we also prevent the need for costly face-lifts and expensive cosmetics.

This solution for age-less skin is well within your reach. Are you ready to start looking 10 years younger? Visit Age Astonish and improve your skin today.

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