Osteoporosis and You… Seriously.

By on 03/03/2015

OsteoporosisYou may have just read that title and thought, “What? Osteoporosis? Really? I’m not 70 and neither are you, why are we talking about this?”

Well, because…

Young women can get osteoporosis too.

First, in case you didn’t know, Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens your bones and causes them to become brittle, fracture and break easily. Something as little as a small fall or even a sneeze can cause them to break.

It’s debilitating and painful and there is no cure. Bone density naturally starts to decrease after the age of 35, however, after menopause this bone density reduction happens much quicker, rapidly increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

While osteoporosis mostly affects women in their 70s and 80s, it can also affect young women (and even some men) too.

Even scarier, it seems to be more sever when diagnosed at a younger age, causing more damage quicker and affecting your quality of life long before it should.

Signs of osteoporosis don’t appear until the disease has already progressed to a critical point. These signs include:

  • Back pain brought on by a fractured vertebra
  • Loss of height
  • Posture that has gotten worse over time, causing you to stoop forward
  • Fracturing a bone in a way that wouldn’t have normally hurt you so severely

By the time you start experiencing these symptoms there isn’t much you can do other than try to slow down the progression of bone loss via medications and medical therapies.

So the best way, as it always is with health matters, is prevention.

Doctors recommend taking a combination of 1,000mg of calcium and 600IU of vitamin D (helps your body absorb more calcium) a day. You can get these vitamins from supplements or naturally from foods, and you can also get vitamin D by spending time in the sun – but not too much!

Yummy Sources of Calcium

Yummy Sources of Calcium

Yummy sources of vitamin D

Yummy sources of vitamin D


Additionally, exercise is very important in young age (under 50) as it helps your body increase its bone rejuvenation abilities and naturally slows the progression of bone loss in age.

Finally, the younger you start on a cellular rejuvenation supplement, the better, as a younger body is more capable of building up and maintaining bone mass.

Taking a daily supplement that contains phenols, amino acids, essential acid fats, essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins will give your body the nutrition and building blocks it needs to rejuvenate not just your bones, but the rest of your organs as well.

Phytostem caps , one of the newest breakthroughs in anti-aging to come from Europe, is a great source of all the major supplements needed to maintain your physical and mental vitality. When paired with calcium, vitamin D and exercise, there is a good chance osteoporosis will never come knocking at your door regardless of your age. Even better, Phytostem caps have been engineered to be 100% natural and safe to pair with any additional medically prescribed medicines. This means you can always keep Phytostem as a health ally, even if your doctors deem it necessary to prescribe additional medications.

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