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  • walking
    Walk This Way… Into Better Health!

    Here’s the thing: our society is obsessed with diets, exercises, nutrition, organic this and free range that and green juice this and super food that. We have become inundated...

    • 07/31/2015
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  • healthy thyroid
    Why Having a Healthy Thyroid Matters

    Your thyroid is a tiny, butterfly shaped organ in the neck that doesn’t get much attention but actually plays a huge role in your health! The thyroid’s main job...

    • 07/23/2015
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  • healthy aging
    Tips for Healthy Aging

    So here is the thing, we all age. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. No vitamin or cream will stop time, and to be honest,...

    • 07/15/2015
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  • brittle hair biotin deficiency
    Brittle Hair and Nails? What Does it Mean?

    Have you noticed your hair is dry, brittle and dull? How about your nails? Do they feel thin and crack and peel often? I bet if you suffer from...

    • 07/10/2015
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  • high blood sugar
    The Dangers of High Blood Sugar and How to Lower it Naturally

    Everyone knows the dangers and pitfalls of diabetes, but what about its cousin, high blood sugar? Diabetes is a chronic health disorder characterized by high blood sugar due to...

    • 06/26/2015
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