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  • Bloat
    Start the Year Off Right – With No Bloat!

    We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that right about now you are feeling pretty full and bloated, right? All that holiday eating has caught...

    • 01/04/2018
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    Do you need to Detox?

    Detoxing simply means removing the toxins, or harmful particles, from your body. Our body is constantly exposed to toxins from both food and the environments around us. Everything from...

    • 12/21/2017
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  • No holiday weight gain
    Give Yourself the Gift of NO Weight Gain This Holiday!

    Tis the season to stuff your face full of so many delicious foods and holiday treats while also drinking just a bit too much and having a merry old...

    • 12/07/2017
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  • Activated-Charcoal
    Health Trend Alert: Charcoal!

    No, we aren’t trying to give you a good chuckle… charcoal really is on the leading edge of natural health, and for good reason, it’s loaded with health benefits...

    • 11/23/2017
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  • cellulite
    Cellulite… UGH… Right?

    It may be common for both men and women, but cellulite (aka cottage cheese butt!) sure is embarrassing for all! What’s more unfair is that no one is immune!...

    • 11/09/2017
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