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  • exercise-your-brain
    Remember, It’s Important to Exercise and Feed Your Body AND Your Brain!

    Our brain is one of the most mesmerizing parts of the body; it still holds so many mysteries, even after hundreds of years of study and scrutiny. Human brain...

    • 02/01/2015
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  • glutten-0615
    Gluten Sensitivity? Who, what, huh?

    So I have discovered something pretty interesting in the last few months which I wanted to share with all of you. I recently completed a gluten and dairy free...

    • 01/15/2015
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  • tai chi
    Make a New Year’s Resolution

    Ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of year again. All of us will look back on everything we accomplished throughout the year and wrack our brains for New Year’s resolutions...

    • 12/31/2014
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  • shutterstock_192050609
    Feeling Overweight and Tired?

    Feeling overweight and tired just about describes all of us at one time or another. But, as usual, when it comes to our health, we are not helpless! Carrying...

    • 09/09/2014
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  • st-johns-wort
    Feeling Blue? These supplements may help!

    Everyone feels down from time to time, that’s just the nature of life. However, if you find yourself constantly feeling sad or depressed, but aren’t quite sure you want...

    • 09/03/2014
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