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  • Water is Best
    Soda Bad. Water Good.

    I’ve been told I can be too wordy and long winded. I don’t disagree. So look! Images from the interwebs that are short, sweet and VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW....

    • 08/11/2014
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  • Caramel_Ribbon_Crunch_Frappuccino
    For All of You Coffee and Peanut Butter Lovers

    Coffee and peanut butter? What in the world do those two things have in common? I like them both. A lot. Here is my issue though: Peanut butter is...

    • 07/30/2014
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  • weight-loss-cheatsheet
    Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

    So we all know there are just under 450,000,000,000,000,000 different ideas, theories, rules, do’s, don’ts, and literally don’t evens when it comes to how to actually lose weight safely,...

    • 07/28/2014
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  • Green Coffee Thin
    Chlorogenic Acid and Nice Customers

    So I have a friend who has the pretty hard job of being a customer service agent via phone and email support. I don’t know if you’ve ever had...

    • 07/22/2014
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  • Cucumbers are awesome
    Cucumbers are Actually Pretty Awesome!

    I know I recently mentioned that I signed up for a local organic produce co-op, and as such I get a box full of awesome produce delivered to my...

    • 05/22/2014
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