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  • Keratin Before and After 2
    Treat Yo’Self, keratin hair treatment Part 2

    In reference to my last post, I completely forgot about the other awesome thing I did for me! I have very long, but very frizzy and brittle hair. (And...

    • 03/28/2014
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  • raw juice
    Raw Juice and Real Estate

    So what exactly does raw juicing and Real Estate all have in common? Me. As I’ve probably never once mentioned, I am a part time Realtor. It’s a pretty...

    • 03/26/2014
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  • South Florida Sunset
    Not Dead Yet

    Contrary to what my sudden and long silence may imply, I am, in fact, not dead yet. (read that in a British accent for maximum lolz). Where have I...

    • 03/03/2014
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  • PollenCast
    The Problem with Plans…

    The problem with plans is that, at least for me, Murphy’s Law always takes the opportunity to squash them. You know all those well intended plans I had to...

    • 02/14/2014
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  • ChocolateStrawberryCups
    Time to Lighten Up a Bit, Maybe?

    I was recently told by a friend who also reads my blog that I’ve turned into quite the investigative journalist. While I know that was meant as a compliment...

    • 02/12/2014
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