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  • Shea Moisture baby head-to-toe wash & shampoo
    My First Rant! Johnson & Johnson: A Freaking Evil Corporation

    First, let me start out by saying I am usually quite passive. I am also well aware of what it means to “start crap” on the internet. So, for...

    • 12/06/2013
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    A Pretty Hippy Face

    While driving down to Bahia Honda Park a few weekends ago my very hippy, and very pretty, sister in law told me about how, like me, she has struggles...

    • 12/04/2013
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  • Bacon Chedder Deviled Eggs
    Deck the Halls with Exhaustion

    Hey there, old internet friends. Is it OK to feel guilty about not updating one’s blog on the regular? I tend to pace 2-3 posts a week, depending on...

    • 12/02/2013
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  • Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
    Thankful About Being too Busy to Tell You How Thankful I Am

    I’ve been trying to think of something meaningful, inspiring, or interesting to write about this week, but lets be honest, those are traits I do not easily come by...

    • 11/27/2013
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  • Cross Eyed
    Googly Eyes and a Tomboy

    The truth is, I really enjoy my sarcastic snarky snarkiness… and I fear all things vulnerable. Scary thoughts and feelings? Eew. Icky. Get away! But I recently did something...

    • 11/22/2013
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