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  • chia-pet-chia-seeds
    Ch-ch-ch-Chia SEEDS!

    Whenever I feel like ridding my pockets of the burden of extra money, I like to wander the aisles of Whole Foods. Recently, I’ve noticed a new health…err…trend, key...

    • 01/28/2014
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  • Ear Infection Baby
    Now The New York Times is Questioning Fish Oil Too? Really?

    TGIF! How’s my week been you ask? Well, I told you all about my sick kid, and I told you all about how the doctor said it’s no biggie...

    • 01/24/2014
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  • Sleeping Sick Baby
    Immunity Boosting Foods for Toddlers

    Go ahead and guess why I’m blogging about this right now. JUST GUESS! Two weeks into daycare and Seb comes down with a nasty, phlegmy, loud,  gross cough, sore...

    • 01/21/2014
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  • healthy-gluten-free-chicken
    The BEST Gluten Free Chicken Soup Ever… and I Made It Up!!

    So with the arctic air vortex of doom, or whatever it is, it has dropped to a down right deadly 60 degrees in no-loner-sunny South Florida. I clearly had...

    • 01/16/2014
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  • kiwifox-foxylash
    So Where Were We?

    When we last left our fearless hero blundering blogger, she was questioning all of the vitamins and supplements she has taken on and off over the years, and wondering...

    • 01/09/2014
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