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  • Fish Oil - Daily Vitamin - Co B - Glucosamine
    Should I Take Fish Oil? Daily Vitamins? Other Supplements?

    Back in my pre-injury Crossfit heyday not only did I work out like a fanatic (and loved it, but life is life), I also took supplements. Lots o’ supplements....

    • 12/16/2013
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  • Natural Flu Remedy?
    Natural Flu Fighting Drink?

    Ya’ll, I need to ask for some grace here. First, for just saying “ya’ll” and second for the fact that there is a good chance this post is going...

    • 12/13/2013
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    Christmas Clutter? Eh… OK…

    The thing about me is that I am the most Type B person around. It’s raining outside? Eh, let’s just stay in. You want to pick the restaurant? Sounds...

    • 12/11/2013
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  • Shea Moisture baby head-to-toe wash & shampoo
    My First Rant! Johnson & Johnson: A Freaking Evil Corporation

    First, let me start out by saying I am usually quite passive. I am also well aware of what it means to “start crap” on the internet. So, for...

    • 12/06/2013
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    A Pretty Hippy Face

    While driving down to Bahia Honda Park a few weekends ago my very hippy, and very pretty, sister in law told me about how, like me, she has struggles...

    • 12/04/2013
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