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  • Scary Cookie Monster isn't gonna carve himself... Mostly scary how bad the art is.
    Fall in Florida

    it’s that magical time of year when the heat finally breaks and the air becomes crisp, leaves start to turn, the wind blusters, and sweaters come out of the...

    • 10/23/2013
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  • Well, that sucks.
    99 Problems and My Back is One

    So, my back. There is really no short version of this twisty, turny tale of troubles. A long, long time ago, in a lifetime far away, 6th grade Anna...

    • 10/18/2013
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  • Ode to Borax
    My Beloved Borax

    Borax (not Borat), has recently become a new Favorite Thing in my stay-at-home-mom-part-time-realtor-wife life. I must spill my love for the world to see. Borax, you simple, inexpensive, non-assuming,...

    • 10/17/2013
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  • Blue Nasal Bulb Syringe
    Remedies for the Common Cold… That Actually Work? Anyone?

    I know this blog is new, and the reader base is probably… I don’t know, let me do some calculations… mom. (Hi mom). Asking for advice this early seems...

    • 10/12/2013
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  • the-inside-secrets-of-millionaires-under-the-age-of-29
    Surprising Thing That Might Be Making You “Skinny Fat”

    The word “skinny” has long been associated with fitness and health, (think the success of “Skinny Bitch”)–but skinny doesn’t equal healthy, and many seemingly slim people have Normal Weight...

    • 10/01/2013
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