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  • Cervical Cancer: Warning Signs You Need to Know

    Just over 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, making it the 3rd most common cancer diagnosed in women. Worse, about 4,000 women die each year from...

    • 05/11/2017
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  • summer weight loss
    How to Lose 20 Pounds Before Summer

    Tis the season… the season to slim down for summer! It is officially crunch time and you are out of excuses. With Easter behind us, it’s now time to...

    • 05/04/2017
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  • exhaustionmanage
    Ever Wonder Why You’re So Tired?

    How many times have you said, “I’m so tired!” today? This week? Really, stop and think about it… do you wake up tired? Are you crashing daily by 2pm?...

    • 04/27/2017
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  • Good Golly, Gallbladder Support!

    The gallbladder is one of the smallest organs in your body, but it has the potential to cause big problems and bigger pain. What does the gallbladder do? While...

    • 04/20/2017
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  • smoking aging
    Smoking is Bad, but Why Exactly?

    We have all known from a very young age that smoking kills and “tobacco is wacko!” Yet, 16-20% of Americans still smoke. Most smokers start their habit in their...

    • 04/13/2017
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