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  • colorectal cancer screening
    The Alarming Truth About Colon Cancer

    Our colon is most often discussed in the form of fart jokes – usually told by a 9-year-old boy (or a 39-year-old “boy”… Some things never change!) Outside of...

    • 03/16/2017
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  • Womens Right to Vote
    Women: Be Bold!

    Ladies, listen up: In case you haven’t realized it yet, you are strong, bold, brave and amazing! Just like the women that came before you, and just like our daughters...

    • 03/09/2017
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  • Heart Health
    We Love Your Heart

    If you love your ❤️, you’re gonna love this post! We all know the importance of heart health, but do you honestly know how to recognize the signs of poor heart...

    • 03/02/2017
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  • Choose Happiness
    Happiness: More Ways to Make it Happen

    Wow, ok friends, we hear you! Last week’s post on How to Decrease Stress and Cravings and Increase Happiness really hit home for many of you. So many could relate...

    • 02/23/2017
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  • stressful life
    How to Decrease Stress and Cravings and Increase Happiness

    Is your life perfect and your health completely balanced? If so, good for you – now go away! If not – welcome to the rest of us! Life is...

    • 02/16/2017
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